How to Practice Palm Reading?

How to Practice Palm Reading?

Palm reading is known as chiromancy and palmistry. It is a part of fortune telling that determines a person’s life and what’s in store for them. Palmistry has its roots from astrology in India and fortune telling in Rome. It evaluates a person’s character and future. It is a type of study that requires knowledge and to look beyond what you know. Here, we will tell you everything about palm reading and how you can practice it too.

What is palmistry?

Palmistry is the art of reading one’s future by looking at their hands. Hands, just like our eyes, have characteristics that make them unique. Some people might have similar looking hands, but there are no two same pairs of hands in the world. For example, traditionally we used the stamp of our thumb like we use signatures today. Why? It is because each one has a different print. Similarly, the lines of your hands are different from any other person in the world.

Our hands speak volumes about you and your destiny. Palmistry is the study of these lines that hide beneath the surface of your skin. Palmistry exhibits precious information about a person’s future and the person who is reading it examines the tiny indications.

Many people might not believe that their future can be determined by the lines in their hand. It is true but it is not easy to master the art of palmistry. It is a way of solving mysteries of the ancestral science and complex forms of lines in the hands.

How to read palms

What can palm reading reveal?

Palmistry is a study that has been in practice for centuries. It is a way to study every line, fold, form of the hand to unveil information about a person. It exhibits their character, personality, and determines their future.

Many people think that the lines of their hands are mere folds causes by constant hand and finger movements. Most of them don’t know that these folds formed during the time they were a fetus. These lines start developing from the second month of pregnancy stage. The main characteristics of the finger remain the same all through their life.

Palmistry is extremely codified and every small element of your hand is linked to an aspect of your life. It can be a reflection of your personality or a stage of your life.

There are usually two reasons why people want to know how to read palms:

  1. To discover what future has in store for you
  2. To know you better or take advantage of your potentials

Palm reading lines and what they mean

To know how to read your palm, you need to first understand the lines and forms on it. Palmistry is not just about the lines you have but also the form, size, texture, and mounts on your hand.

There are seven mounts and each of them is related to a personality trait. These mounts reflect:

  • Jupiter for authority: this determines professional and social ambition
  • Saturn for destiny: either good luck or bad luck
  • Apollo for creativity: the artistic flair
  • Mercury for realistic sense: the ability to reason and reflect
  • Mars for character: there is an upper and lower mount that determines the strength and courage of a character
  • Moon for imagination: this reflects a visionary sense
  • Venus for sensuality: friendship and love

The interpretation of the combined elements enables you to catch a glimpse of the secrets hiding in the palm.

Types of hands in palm reading

The hands in palm reading are divided into four different categories of earth, fire, air, and water. Know them in the details below:

1. Hands of Earth

The hands of the earth are wide and have square-shaped fingers and palms. The skin is thick and rough to look at. The length of these palms is usually equal to the fingers.

People with earth hands are practical – they like to learn and achieve more in life. They love going outdoors for activities like surfing and hiking. They take walks to recharge themselves and fill their soul.

2. Hands of Air

The hands of air are either rectangular or square. They have long fingers with protruding knuckles. The length of their palm is equal to the fingers. Air hands are usually dry to feel.

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The people who have air hands are thinkers and talkers. They are creative and full of ideas. But they worry and take stress as they intellectualize emotions.

3. Hands of Water

Water hands are short and oval with flexible fingers. These palms are wider compared to the length. The fingers are equal to the height of their palm.

People who have water hands are emotional. They are artistic, idealistic, cautious, and sensitive. These people are prone to taking alcohol and drugs as they cannot control their emotions all the time.

4. Hands of fire

The fire hands are either rectangular or square. They have short fingers and flushed skin. The length of these palms is greater than the fingers.

People with fire hands are determined and energetic. They get bored easily and want variety in their life. They can also be intolerant and impatient.

People who have fire hands are fierce and independent. They make the best leaders and passionate lovers.

How to decipher lines by palm reading?

The lines in your palm help a reader determine different things about your destiny. There are specific lines that reflect your heart, destiny, head, and fate. You might think that destiny and fate have the same meaning but in palmistry it is different. Find out what these lines determine as in palm reading:

1. Heart line

The heart line symbolizes matters of romance and love. If the line starts under your index finger, you will have a satisfying love life. If it starts beneath the middle finger it shows that you are a selfish lover. Finally, if it starts between the first and middle fingers, it shows that you are idealistic and you fall in love easily.

If the heart line is short, it means you have little interest in love or romance. If the heart line touches the life line, it means your heart is easy to hurt. People with long and curvy heart line find it easy to express their emotions.

If there is a straight-line place parallel to the life line, it shows practicality in emotions. A wavy heart line shows that you are flirtatious and have many lovers. You are serious about only a few relationships in your life.

2. Head line

The head line shows how intellectual you are. If you have a short head line, it shows that you give more importance to physical accomplishments. You would rather work on a project to create something than study about it and follow a manual process.

A wavy head line shows that you have short attention span. A deep and long line expresses a focused thinker. People who are realist have a straight headl ine.

If your head line is separated from your life line, it expresses an optimistic outlook on life and personality. These people are constantly in search of adventure.

If there is a circle or a cross on the head line, it shows some sort of emotional crisis. Multiple crosses show that you need to take big decisions in life. Thus, to sum up, curvy head lines denote creativity, spontaneity, while straight-line favors structure and practicality.

3. Life line

The life line symbolizes your destiny. Many people think that the life line exhibits how long you are going to live. It does indicate your personality but it is more about what’s in store for you in the future. It reflects your potentials and how you can put them in the right use.

If your life line is close to the thumb and is straight, you will be a slow-moving person. You might find yourself lazy, not working as much as you should, and feel tired often. Straight lines also reflect caution in relationships.

If you have a wide and curved line you will be energetic and have stable health. If it swoops in a semi-circle, you will have an enthusiastic attitude and ability to lead. On the other hand, a long and deep line indicates inner vitality. However, a short and shallow life line shows that you are gullible and easily manipulated by other people.

If there are breaks in life line, it shows major changes that you will go through in different phases of your life.

4. Fate line

The line of fate is special because not everyone has it. Palm reading needs you to examine the fate line along with the life line to reflect the future. If your fate line is dominated on your hand instead of the non-dominant hand, it means that you have made way for the events in your life and created your own fate.

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If your fate line is short or you don’t have a fate line, it shows that you feel free to take breaks in the middle of a job and then redirect focus to something absolutely different.

Deep fate lines exhibit the fact that you are strongly controlled by destiny. While too many breaks show that there are external forces that will change your life several times. But you will still persevere no matter what.

If a fate line is joined to life line, it reflects that you have entrepreneurship skills from birth. You have the potential to build yourself and teach yourself. If the fate line begins from the base of the palm, you will become popular in the eyes of the public.

If your fate line is on the right hand and it stops at the head line, you will be someone who gets bored too soon. You don’t like jobs that have too many rules or restrictions. You might also not reach high levels of success if you work for other people. But working independently will be best for you.

If the fate line on the right hand stops at the heart line, you will let the personal relations rule over professional decisions. It will be tough for you to make career choices and can hurt people around. You have to put an extra effort to make fair decisions and ensure that no one gets hurt on the way.

Palm reading

Palm reading according to length of fingers

The process to learn how to read palms include fingers as well. Check out how the sizes of finger determine your fate:

1. Long fingers

Long finger might look creepy if you have short and thin palms. But the people who have such fingers are interesting and want to know the details of different stories or events.

You are imaginative and take ideas mentally. You put them back together once you have a better understanding and then take action to take the final call. People with long fingers have feminine energy and are more nurturing than people with short fingers.

2. Short fingers

People with short finger want to keep away from the information of the outer world and are concerned about themselves. You work on intuitions and don’t go looking out for advice from other people. You are best when you use your own resources to do what you need to.

People with short fingers take quick action and don’t want to give lengthy explanations. They usually jump into conclusion and take action without knowing or studying the situation.

3. Open fingers

Irrespective of whether your fingers are short or long, people who display their hands with open fingers have a feeling of being safe and secure. These people are free-spirited and love to ‘live and let live’. They are not ruled by conventional rules and don’t like to listen to other’s opinions. They are free and want to live their lives according to their own view.

4. Closed fingers

The people who are more likely to hold their palm tight, exhibit receptiveness. They are insecure, unsafe, and keep away from new ideas.

If people have stiff fingers, it reflects that they are resistant to change from their present state of mind. People with stiff fingers don’t want to take help. They like to take their destiny in their own hands, even if their palm has already written it for them!

What to expect from palm reading?

Now that you know how to read your palm, you need to determine why you at all want to do it. People seeking for career opportunities, have spiritual concerns, wish for romantic possibilities, might want to know what their future holds for them.

A good palmist will make sure that their clients are at ease and not nervous. Note that palmists are not exactly fortune-tellers. They will not give you any fluff or make false promises. They base their judgments according to what your palm reads.

Palmists can tell you about your flaws and ask you to improve them. They will not call you lazy if your life line is close to a thumb or call you reserved if you hold your fingers close and tight. But they will tell you how you can get better and motivate you to improve the things that tend to go wrong.

Palmists are also open-minded and they answer clients objectively. Well-trained palmist can recognize your hands quickly and indicate what you should do for your health too. If a palmist asks you to get medical attention, you must make it a priority. Yes, that’s how accurate they can be!

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