Pass the Time with Gaming for Quarantine Fun

Pass the Time with Gaming for Quarantine Fun

If you’re like millions of others around the world who have been searching for enjoyable, engaging ways to pass the time during the COVID quarantine, you may have discovered sources of entertainment like online casino gaming, board games, and other clever, engaging forms of fun for one or more players. What are the best ways to pass time if you are a gamer? Here are some basic facts to enhance your enjoyment while you’re stuck at home.

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Board Games Rule

There’s something magical about opening a thin, rectangular box, unfolding a four-ply piece of printed cardboard, unpacking a pair of dice or a spinner, and letting the games begin. For decades, this kind of recreation has dominated social get-togethers, company picnics, retreats, family reunions, and weekend evenings all over the world. Now, amid the COVID quarantine, according to a recent study by Betway, more and more people are rediscovering interactive fun while cooped up in their homes. In fact, it’s the games we all know and love such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Game of Life that are ruling the search engines.


Pay Attention to the Number of Participants

Even though official instructions don’t always say so, there are ideal numbers of participants for every gaming product on the market. Try to gear your choices for two, three, four, or more participants. For example, many classics are perfect for four players because the trend in the 1950’s and 1960’s was to design gameplay for two couples, or four total contestants. Later, companies saw the need for expanding playing groups to include several children or numerous adults. Always try to match the number of people in your group with a playing option that works best.

You Can Make Up Your Own

You don’t need to be a high-level app writer or coding expert to create your own board game. You just need some dice, paper, pen, and a small dose of imagination. If you have children, use a large piece of paper to make a circle of numbered spaces, 1 through 24. Inside each space, write a funny activity like, “Do your favorite dance,” “Sing a happy song,” “Show us how a squirrel does jumping jacks,” and other equally ridiculous things for people to act out when they land on that space. Take turns rolling four dice. Whatever number comes up, you have to do that activity. There are no actual ‘winners’, but the laugh factor is very high.

Alone? Try Online Board Play

People who live alone often point out that it takes two for a round of Monopoly and other kinds of popular classics. Yes, it does, but that doesn’t mean your contestants need to be sitting right next to you. There are literally hundreds of websites where you can take part in interactive play during the COVID-19 crisis, and it doesn’t matter if your preference is chess, go, Chinese checkers or Yahtzee. Your opponents will be somewhere else, and you’ll vie against them in an online setting. This is a smart way to get some gaming excitement in whenever you feel like it. If you’re single, let your computer connection set you free. No computer? Then use your smartphone to connect to the fun.

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