December 2001Jerry Williams of Nevada is the winner of the Star Trek: First Contact Latinum Edition Captain Jean-Luc Picard made by Playmates Toys in 1996 — his name was randomly drawn from over 235 entries. There was no question this month as to celebrate the season.

November 2001Richard Brandt of Colorado is the winner of the ENTERPRISE Uniform Patch. He knew that other than Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Nichelle Nichols was the other actress credited as the voice of the Starfleet Computer.

October 2001Brian Cahill of Florida is the winner of the 48 x 25.5 inch limited edition Star Trek: USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D cutaway poster signed by the artists, Christopher Cushman and Gary E. Richardson. He knew the father and son actors who appeared in Star Trek but just not together were Walter Koenig, Pavel Chekov on the Original Series, and Andrew Koenig, Tumak on DS9’s Sanctuary.

September 2001To celebrate the beginning of our fifth year on the internet, I decided to do something new… I thought it would be cool to hold the first annual LCARSCom.Net Scavenger Hunt. But due to the lack of interest, no one entered, it will also be the last annual… oh well.

August 2001Bryan Miller of Louisiana is the winner of the Limited Edition Star Trek Talosian Latex Maquette. Click on his winning entry below to see the full size version.

July 2001Nikolai Stepanov of Canada is the winner of the Klingon Warrior CD Clock. He knew it was Arvada III on which Beverly Crusher’s grandmother first learned about and then practiced the medicinal use of roots and herbs as stated in the TNG episode The Arsenal of Freedom.

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June 2001Mike Corker of England is the winner of the signed copies of the four newly published Section 31 books (courtesy of Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri – thanks!) and a signed photo of William Sadler, aka Luthor Sloan of Section 31. He knew the moral of the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf according to Garek, of DS9, is to never tell the same lie twice.

May 2001Fred Link of Massachusetts is the winner of the autographed photo of Nog from DS9, signed by Aron Eisenberg. He knew the legal document, presented as an ominous black scroll that requires individuals to produce a detailed financial statement, is the Writ of Accountability.

April 2001Camille Demers of Canada is the winner of the signed copy of the Starfleet Library version of Diane Carey’s Book Best Destiny. She knew it was Mae C. Jemison who was the real life shuttle astronaut who played transporter officer Lt. Palmer for the Next Generation episode Second Chances.

March 2001Tammie Russell of Canada is the winner of the The Star Trek: Klingon Academy CD-Rom Comouter Game. She knew the Starfleet Serial Number SP-937-215 belongs to Captain Picard and that it was stated in the episode Chain of Command Part I.

February 2001Bruce Thompson of Tennessee is the winner of the Star Trek: First Contact Latinum Edition Borg Queen, of which only 5,000 were made. He knew the name of the seventh season Deep Space Nineepisode Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges translates to In times of war, the laws fall silent.

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January 2001Elsie Lee of Hawaii is the winner of the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Miniature Fine Art Sculpture produced by the Franklin Mint. She knew it was Janeways’ Father who drowned under a polar ice cap on Tau Ceti Prime.

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