December 2002Julie Madore of Canada is the winner of the ENTERPRISE NX-01 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for 2002. She knew the starship class of the NX-01 ENTERPRISE is NX.

November 2002Greg Pollock of Missouri is the winner of the 32″ x 24″ open edition Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Way of the Warrior lithograph, signed by the artist James Cukr. He knew Wee Bairns Scotch is the flavor of Chief O’Brien’s choice of gum as seen in DS9: Take Me Out to the Holosuite.

October 2002Ioan Stefanovici of Canada is the winner of the Art Asylum NX-01 Enterprise 12 Inch Starship donated by New Force Comics & Collectables. He knew there were 7 decks (A-G) to the NX-01, as stated on

September 2002Brian Cahill of Florida is the winner of the Rittenhouse Archives sealed box of ENTERPRISE: Season One Trading Cards. He knew it that at a velocity of warp 4.5, it would it take the NX-01 Enterprise three minutes to get to Neptune from Earth as stated by Captain Archer when he said “Neptune and back in six minutes.”

August 2002Logan Byrne of Pennsylvania is the winner of the Franklin Mint pewter USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D. He knew that the office of the Grand Nagus, called the Chamber of Opportunity, was on the 40th floor of the Tower of Commerce (Liquidator Brunt and the Ferengi Commerce Association was also accepted).

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July 2002The five winners (there was no question this month) of the Star Trek: Nemesis Sneak Advance Mini-CDs are: Joshua Wright of Texas, Roy Hamaura of Canada, Karan Russell of New Zealand, Peter Sahlstrom of Georgia, and Thomas Runkel of Germany.

June 2002Heather Greer of Ontario is the winner of the Star Trek: Genesis Wave trilogy by John Vornholt, with GW III autographed by John Vornholt for this month’s contest. She knew that according to Starfleet Regulation 476-9, away teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours, as seen in the Voyager episode Once Upon a Time.

May 2002Marsha Schreier of New Jersey is the winner of the Enterprise NX-01 hat signed by Conner Trinneer. She knew it was Charles “Trip” Tucker’s grandmother that said to never judge a species by their eating habits, as heard in Broken Bow.

April 2002Neal F Truitt of Nebraska is the winner of the PC CD-Rom Game Star Trek: Armada II by Activision. He knew it was Ensign Matt Franklin’s pattern that had degraded beyond retrieval (it had been by 53%) because he was in a transporter pattern buffer for 75 years as seen in TNG’s Relics. (I find it amazing how many people thought it was Scotty’s pattern degraded beyond retrieval — he would have been dead had that been so.)

March 2002Joey Spampneto of Louisiana is the winner of the book Enterprise: Broken Bow, signed by Scott Bakula – Captain Jonathan Archer himself. He knew it was the Klingon language that has 80 polyguttural dialects constructed on an adaptive syntax.

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February 2002Isabel Topps of Canada is the winner of the framed 8″ x 11.5″ Scratch Art of two Klingon Warriors preparing for battle. The Scratch Art was created by Tom Pieper of Artistic Designs and Crafts. Tom has other works available for sale, and he can be reached here: He knew plexing was the name of the Betazoid relaxation technique in which one gently taps a nerve behind one’s ear.

January 2002Ethan Welkes of New York is the winner of the USS Enterprise’s Captain’s Yacht, the Cousteau, sculpted by Star Trek Illustrator John Eaves and produced by the Star Trek: Communicator. He knew it was Data flying the Captain’s Yacht in Star Trek: Insurrection. The other answer I accepted was Captain Picard (or Data, Worf, Troi or Crusher) also in Star Trek: Insurrection.

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