December 2003Willa Sullivan of New Jersey is the winner of the NX-01 ENTERPRISE signed by ENTERPRISE graphic artist John Eaves. There was no question this month to celebrate the Holidays.

November 2003Mike Jewczyk of Canada is the winner of the signed and personalized copy of the latest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Unity by S. D. Perry. Since What famous sci-fi short story was published in the September, 1953 issue of Incredible Tales was sort of a trick question, I accepted both Deep Space Nine and Far beyond the Stars as answers.

October 2003Bonnie James of New Mexico is the winner of the oversized hardback book Star Trek: Action! by Terry J. Erdmann and the oversized paperback book The Art of Star Trek by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens. He knew that Klingon dreams will send cold chills down your spine, and wake you in the middle of the night, as seen in the DS9 episode Rejoined.

September 2003Lee Chappell of England is the winner of the sealed and numbered limited edition ENTERPRISE Away Team Doctor Phlox figure produced by Art Asylum with autograph from John Billingsley. There was no question to be answered this time.

August 2003Marsha Schreier of New Jersey is the winner of the Star Trek: The Spock vs. Q Collection — Both Spock vs. Q and Spock vs. Q: The Sequel live Alien Voices Production recordings with enhanced CD/video footage. She knew the OK Corral took place on October 26th, 1881, as seen in the Original Series episode Spectre of the Gun.

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July 2003Basilio Valdez of Texas is the winner of the autographed photo of Rom (Max Grodenchik) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine signed exclusively for this contest. He knew that the name Quark has given his chocolate souffle with Haligian tongue sauce was the Kai Winn Souffle As seen in Life Support.

June 2003Johnny Langston of North Carolina is the winner of the ENTERPRISE Broken Bow Captain’s Chair Set by Art Asylum. He knew that Service Junction 59 is on B Deck of the NX-01 Enterprise as seen in Cold Front.

May 2003Rickey Spidle of Canada is the winner of the four Art Asylum Star Trek: Nemesis figures and the Star Trek: Nemesis DVD. He knew that Data sang Irving Berlin’s Blue Skies in honor of Riker and Troi’s conjugation.

April 2003Dorothy Swithenbank of Massachusetts is the winner of the sealed hardback graphic novel Star Trek The Next Generation: Forgiveness. She knew that Argelius was the planet Scotty was reminded of while in the 24th century, as seen in TNG’s Relics.

March 2003Jason Lippe of Maryland is the winner of the Trek Tek Authentic Action Replicas ENTERPRISE Starfleet Phase Pistol and Communicator by Art Asylum. He knew the two settings of the Phase Pistol are stun and kill (and that it would be best not to confuse them).

February 2003Joe Burke of Kansas is the winner of the Mirror, Mirror – Star Trek Latinum Edition Cold Cast Hand Painted Diorama, featuring Captain Kirk vs. the Mirror Spock, and sculpted by Steve Varner. He knew galcor is what Rom’s father would have washed his mouth with if he said money wasn’t everything, as said in DS9: The House of Quark.

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January 2003Matthew W. Holloway of Oklahoma is the winner of the Limited Edition Legends in 3 Dimensions Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus of Borg bust. He knew 811 East 68th St., Apartment 12B was the address of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln’s office and seen in the original series episode Assignmment Earth.

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