December 2004_____ of _____ is the winner of the set of 4 isolinear chip prop replicas. There was no question as to celebrate the Holiday Season.

November 2004Brian Smyth of New York is the winner of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Master Situations Diagram print measuring 9 inches x 20 inches. He knew that on a clear night, one can see the city Tycho City and/or New Berlin on the moon, as siad in Star Trek: First Contact.

October 2004David Chaloukian of California is the winner of the set of six Star Trek: mini Mates figures produced by Art Asylum -and- the rare Captain Kirk with Tribbles figure. He/she knew that a GNDN conduit/pipe Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing, as seen in the Original Series.

September 2004Katie Chastain of Virginia is the winner of the Trekkies 2 DVD by Director Roger Nygard and several other Star Trek goodies thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment. There was no question this month.

July & August 2004Charles R. Wadlington stationed in Iceland is the winner of the 1/350 NX-01 Enterprise model by Polar Lights, a lithograph of the model box cover art signed by the artist Chris White, a M.A.C.O. Team patch and a 10 inch embroidered ENTERPRISE patch. He knew Taylor was Daniel’s room mate, as mentioned in the episode Cold Front.

May & June 2004Seung-Ju Ahn of Canada is the winner of the set of four Star Trek: Signature Edition books, Star Trek: New Frontier – No Limits and Star Trek: The Amazing Stories. Seung-Ju knew it was Captain Janeway who danced the dance the Dying Swan in Neelix’s talent show as seen in the Voyager episode Coda.

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April 2004Daniel Morrell of Massachusetts is the winner of the set of three Star Trek: Borg Assimilation figures (Klingon designation 1 of 3, Hirogen designation 2 of 3, and Cardassian designation 3 of 3) produced by Art Asylum. He knew that the authorization code was Jellico Alpha Three One as seen in ST: TNG Chain of Command II.

March 2004Kyle M Campbell II of West Virginia is the winner of the set of four Enterprise Away Team Figures produced by Art Asylum. He knew that the ship Ensign Travis Mayweather grew up on was the ECS Horizon as seen in Fight or Flight.

February 2004Daniel Allison of Alabama is the winner of the two 11×17 inch prints, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E and the Phoenix from Star Trek: First Contact, both autographed by the artist John Eaves. He knew that the right order for the numbers are 16309, which are the prefix codes for the USS Reliant from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

January 2004Daniel Partridge of Nevada is the winner of the 8.5×11 inch autographed photo of Captain Katheryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) from Star Trek: Voyager and the books Homecoming & The Farther Shore by signed and personalized by Christie Golden. He knew that a starship’s operational protocols designed for severe energy conservation is considered grey mode as seen in Voyager’s Demon. (Reduced power mode from the Star Trek:The Next Generation Technical Manual page 170 was also accepted.)

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