Perodua Axia a Budget Car That Suitable For Youngsters

Perodua Axia a Budget Car That Suitable For Youngsters

The Perodua Axia is the company’s most reasonably priced model, with prices beginning from only RM25,000 for the most reasonable variation, the common E variation, and hit the highest points at RM 42,000 for the peak variant, proceed variant. That’s fewer than the cost of little well-brought-up motorcycles. The Axia comes with a small, frail 1.0L engine, which manufactures 66 bhp @ 6000 RPM and 90 Nm of torque @ 3600 RPM. Not bad for a swift city-run or a drive about civic with your family in the car. As for the center, the Perodua Axia boasts equal liberty to the Perodua Myvi despite being an A fragment car. Its wader space contains up to 4 traveling luggage.

The Axia is Perodua’s most fundamental contribution, but the price remains a firm competitor, nevertheless. Being the most reasonable new car in Malaysia as well as the descendant to the Viva does elevate the eyebrows of the further budget-conscious of us. Still, at a similar time, Perodua’s exclusions raise the anxious eyebrows of others, mainly those who highlight protection.

In provisions of space, the Axia’s A-segment center is approximately as spacious as the better Myvi. Presently like the Myvi, also, is two airbags typical across the variety. ABS and EBD are only existing Axia SE variation and positive. If you can pay for it, do indulge in the extra security features. We promise its capital fine will be spent.

The Perodua Axia is a five-door rear door created by Malaysian auto manufacturer Perodua. The car takes over the name of being the mainly reasonable car in Malaysia from the Viva. The Axia is the initial reproduction to a presentation from Perodua’s all-new second factory in Rawang, Selangor.

The name ‘Axia,’ which is obvious ‘a-zee-a’ or ‘A-xia,’ is the result of the Greek word ‘ΑΞΙΑ’ (Axia) which means significance. The word Axia is also similar to the name Asia but with the communication’s’ having been replaced by ‘x,’ which symbolizes the amount ten, as the Axis is Perodua’s tenth reproduction.

 In the security section, the Axia comes with merely 2 SRS Airbags across the array. If you need the Anti-lock Braking scheme (ABS), you’ll have to acquire the Axia SE difference at RM37,000. If you’re in for an exposed first car, the E variation or G alternative will outfit you well. You also acquire a more progressive outlook for the SE or proceed variants compared to the E and G variation.

The Axia is competent as a power, well-organized automobile. This means it’s manufactured using environmental-friendly gear and materials for tax lessening, allowing for the make use of the 1.0L engine across the variants rather than less significant engines for the cheaper options.

The Axia is an outstanding selection for first-time car buyers as the price label is incredibly reasonable, even for students or bright grads in their first trade. The preservation is comparatively small as well. As for lashing, it’s simple to scheme approximately city traffic and huge for parking. In general, we’d say it’s excellent sufficient given the low price label.

The Axia was industrial as the descendant to the Viva. Perodua chose to authorize the Daihatsu Ayla/Toyota Agya podium for their Viva substitute replica. The Ayla and Agya duo have been on the transaction in neighboring Indonesia and the Philippines ever since 2013, but not in Malaysia. Even though the Viva substitute replica will be based on the Ayla/Agya podium, Perodua has emphasized that the higher body and exterior fundamentals will be indigenously planned, and the car will not presently be a rebadged form.

Perodua aims to be the leading reasonable automotive brand regionally with worldwide averages. Powering the Axia is the latest 1.0-liter 1KR-VE three-cylinder petrol engine that outputs 68 PS and 91 Nm. The driver can be matching to a 5-speed instruction manual or a velocity involuntary. When harmonizing with the speed physically, Perodua claims that the Axia can transport up to 22.5 km/L.

All variations of the Perodua Axia appear with double SRS airbags. Aside from foundation Axia 1.0E MT, all Axia variants appear with ABS with EBD, anti-snatch clip, driver seat belt prompt, and headlight cue. With all these qualities, the Axia scores four stars in the ASEAN NCAP security evaluation.

All latest Perodua Axia models are backed by a 5-year/150,000 kilometer (whichever comes first) new automobile guarantee. So, It’s the most reasonable latest car in the marketplace, yet the Axia’s little cost tag has not been used as a reason by Perodua to bring a rare car. The fundamentals are well-sorted, and Perodua took the attempt to lift its wrapping proficiency to generate a vehicle that is lesser than the Myvi yet further large.

These are the pros and cons of Perodua Axia:


  • reasonably priced to buy and keep up
  • large cabin for the size
  • larger boot capacity than even the Myvi


  • Engine echos trashy when worked hard

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