How to find a pest control provider for your home

How to find a pest control provider for your home

Spring cleaning is an ideal time to check for unwanted pests in your home. While you’ve got furniture pulled away from the walls and you are going through cupboards, keep an eye out for mouse droppings and other indications of unwanted critters.

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Signs of Infestation

There are many pests that are easy to spot. Ants are easy to see and seem to have no shame once they enter your cupboards. Roaches aren’t generally visible in the light, but leave black waste under sinks and around trash cans. To get a handle on these pests, you may need to have multiple treatments of the areas affected.

Before your extermination professional arrives, do what you can with DIY solutions. Transfer food in low cupboards to upper ones, and consider moving bagged items and boxes to clear plastic containers for better protection and easy access. Get any leaks under sinks addressed to create an inhospitable environment for roaches, silverfish, and earwigs.

Home Repair Challenges

If your foundation leaks, it’s a good idea to contact a contractor. Moisture around your foundation that seeps into your home can lead to mold, earwigs, and silverfish. Once silverfish find a moist area in your home to hang out, they can get extremely destructive in a short amount of time.

If your basement is damp, silverfish can find a way in. This little bug can be hard to see but will happily start destroying books by eating through the glue in the binding. 

Earwigs will stay where it’s damp, making a home in any poorly vented bathroom or under a leaky sink. If you see earwigs, it’s a good idea to hire a pro. Not only are these pests pervasive, but they stink if smashed.

DIY or Get Some Help?

If you’re keen on DIY solutions, you may prefer to tackle some pests on your own. 

Wasps can be killed with many sprays, but if you’re tackling a nest in a garage or an outbuilding, take care to bring a friend or get some help. Wasps are best fought in the cool part of the day, such as an early morning. Wasp spray can shoot for several feet, so as long as you plan your escape route and have a partner who can quickly close up doors after you escape the space, you can soak a wasp nest in pesticide and clear out, letting the poison act on the wasps over the course of the day.


Getting pests out of your home can greatly lower your risk of illness. Mice, roaches, and spiders, in particular, can cause serious health issues in humans, and ticks and fleas can sicken your pets and make them miserable. Carefully monitor your home for pests and invest in a pest treatment to keep everyone in your home safe, healthy, and happy.

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