Planet NameEpisode or Film First Seen InSeries


‘audet 9The Child(TNG)
Acamar 3The Vengeance Factor(TNG)
Adelphous 4Data’s Day(TNG)
Adigeon PrimeDoctor Bashir, I Pressume(DS9)
AlastriaPrime Factors(VOY)
AldeaWhen the Bough Breaks(TNG)
Aldebaran 3Where no man has gone before(TOS)
Alfa 117The Enemy Within(TOS)
Alpha 441Dreadnought(VOY)
Alpha Carinae 2The Ultimate Computer(TOS)
Alpha Carinae 5Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
Alpha Cygnus 9Sarek(TNG)
Alpha 3Court Martial(TOS)
Alpha Majoris 1Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
Alpha MoonThe Host(TNG)
Alpha Onias 3Future Imperfect(TNG)
Alpha Proxima 2Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
Alpha 5Charlie X(TOS)
Altair 3Encounter at Farpoint(TNG)
Altair 4Prophet Motive(DS9)
Altair 6Amok Time(TOS)
AltecThe Outrageous Okona(TNG)
Amleth PrimeReturn to Grace(DS9)
Andevian 2The Forsaken(DS9)
AndoriaProphet Motive(DS9)
Angel OneAngel One(TNG)
Angosia 3The Hunted(TNG)
Antede 3Manhunt(TNG)
AnticaLonely Among Us(TNG)
Antos 4Whom Gods Destroy(TOS)
Archanis 4The Day of the dove(TOS)
Archer 4Yesterday’s Enterprise(TNG)
ArcybiteThe Nagus(DS9)
ArdanaThe Cloud Minders(TOS)
Argellius 2Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
ArgrathaHard Time(DS9)
AriannusLet That be Your Last…(TOS)
Arkaria BaseStarship Mine(TNG)
Armus 9Angel One(TNG)
Arvada 3The Arsenal of Freedom(TNG)
Aschelan 5Dreadnought(VOY)
Atalia 7The Chase(TNG)
Atrea 4Inheritance(TNG)
AxanarWhom Gods Destroy(TOS)


BabelJourney to Babel(TOS)
Bajor 8Past Prologue(DS9)
Balosnee 6The Nagus(DS9)
Barisa PrimeThe Adversary(DS9)
Barkon 4Thine Own Self(TNG)
Barradas 3Gambit(TNG)
Barson 2Eye of the Beholder(TNG)
Beltane 9Coming of Age(TNG)
Benecia ColonyThe Conscience of the King(TOS)
BenzarA Matter of Honor(TNG)
Berengaria 7This Side of Paradise(TOS)
Bersallis 3Lessons(TNG)
Beta Agni 2The Most Toys(TNG)
Beta Antares 4A Piece of the Action(TOS)
Beta 3Return of the Archons(TOS)
Beta KupsicThe Icarus Factor(TNG)
Beta ThoridarRedemption(TNG)
Beta 6The Squire of Gothos(TOS)
Beta 12aThe Day of the Dove(TOS)
BetazedMenage a Troi(TNG)
Beth Delta 1Evolution(TNG)
Bilana 3New Ground(TNG)
Bilaren SystemTrue-Q(TNG)
Blue HorizonSecond Sight(DS9)
Bolarus 9Allegiance(TNG)
Bopak 3Hippocratic Oath(DS9)
Boraal 2Howeward(TNG)
Boreal 3Silicon Avatar(TNG)
BorethRightful Heir(TNG)
Borka 6Face of the Enemy(TNG)
Bracas 5The Loss(TNG)
Bre’el 4Deja Q(TNG)
BrentaliaNew Ground(TNG)
Bringloid 5Up the Long Ladder(TNG)
Browder 4Allegiance(TNG)
BrymaThe Maquis(DS9)


Calder 2Gambit(TNG)
Caldos ColonySub Rosa(TNG)
Camor 5Bloodlines(TNG)
Camus 2Turnabout Intruder(TOS)
Canopus PlanetWhere No Man Has Gone Before(TOS)
Capella 4Friday’s Child(TOS)
CardassiaThe Wounded(TNG)
Carema 3The Quality of Life(TNG)
Castal 1Suddenly Human(TNG)
CatuallaThe Way to Eden(TOS)
Celtris 3Chain of Command(TNG)
Cerebus 2Too Short a Season(TNG)
Cestus 3Arena(TOS)
Ceti Alpha 5Space Seed(TOS)
Ceti Alpha 6The Wrath of Khan(FLM)
Chaltok 4Time and Again(VOY)
Chandra 5Tin Man(TNG)
CheronLet This be Your Last…(TOS)
Cirrus 4Conundrum(TNG)
Coltar 4We’ll Always Have Paris(TNG)
Cor Caroli 5Allegiance(TNG)
CoridanJourney to Babel(TOS)
Corinth 4The Man Trap(TOS)
Corvan 2New Ground(TNG)
Cygnet 14Tomorrow is Yesterday(TOS)
Cygnia MinorThe Conscience of the King(TOS)


Daled 4The Dauphin(TNG)
Danula 2The Best of Both Worlds(TNG)
Daran 5For the World is Hollow…(TOS)
Davlos 3Visionary(DS9)
Dayos 4Blood Oath(DS9)
DedestrisPrime Factors(VOY)
Deinonychus 7A Fistful of Datas(TNG)
Delb 2The Drumhead(TNG)
Delinia 2Realm of Fear(TNG)
Delios 7Sacred Ground(VOY)
Delos 4Remember Me(TNG)
Delphi ArduThe Last Outpost(TNG)
Delta 4The Motion Picture(FLM)
Delta Rana 4The Survivors(TNG)
Delta VegaWhere No Man Has Gone Before(TOS)
Deneb 2Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
Deneb 4Encounter at Farpoint(TNG)
Deneb 5I, Mudd(TOS)
DenevaOperation: Annihilate(TOS)
Denius 3Contagion(TNG)
Deriben 5Aquiel(TNG)
Dessica 2Gambit(TNG)
Devidia 2Time’s Arrow(TNG)
DimorusWhere No Man Has Gone Before(TOS)
Donatu 5The Trouble with Tribbles(TOS)
Doraf 1Unification(TNG)
Dorvan 5Journey’s End(TNG)
Draken 4Face of the Enemy(TNG)
Drayan 2Innocence(VOY)
Draygo 4Homeward(TNG)
Draylon 2Sanctuary(DS9)
Drema 4Pen Pals(TNG)
Dreon 7For the Cause(DS9)
Dulisian 4Unification(TNG)
Durenia 4Remember Me(TNG)
Dyson SphereRelics(TNG)
Dytallix BConspiracy(TNG)


EarthThe Cage(TOS)
Earth Colony 2What Are Little Girls Made Of?(TOS)
EdenThe Way to Eden(TOS)
EkosPatterns of Force(TOS)
El-Adrel 4Darmok(TNG)
ElasElaan of Troyius(TOS)
Elba 2Whom Gods Destroy(TOS)
Emila 2A Matter of Perspective(TNG)
Eminiar 7A Taste of Armageddon(TOS)
Enara PrimeRemember(VOY)
Ennan 6Time Squared(TNG)
Epsilon Canaris 3Metamorphosis(TOS)
Epsilon Hydra 7Q-Less(DS9)
Erabus PrimeQ-Less(DS9)
Errikang 7Q-Less(DS9)
Evadne 4Clues(TNG)
ExcalbiaThe Savage Curtain(TOS)
Exo 3What Are Little Girls Made Of?(TOS)


FabrinaFor the World is Hollow…(TOS)
Fahleena 3Dramatis Personae(DS9)
Farius PrimeThe Maquis(DS9)
Fendaus 5Loud as a Whisper(TNG)
FerenginarFamily Business(DS9)
Fina PrimeLifesigns(VOY)
Finnea PrimeA Simple Investigation(DS9)
Folnar 3Dark Page(TNG)
Forcass 3Parallels(TNG)
Forlat 3Silicon Avatar(TNG)


Gagarin 4Unnatural Selection(TNG)
Galador 2The Maquis(DS9)
GaldonterreBlood Oath(DS9)
Galen 4Suddenly Human(TNG)
Galor 4The Offspring(TNG)
Galorda PrimeRules of Engagement(DS9)
Galorndon CoreThe Enemy(TNG)
Galvin 5Data’s Day(TNG)
Gamelan 5Final Mission(TNG)
Gamma Hromi 2The Vengeance Factor(TNG)
Gamma Hydra 4The Deadly Years(TOS)
Gamma 2The Gamesters of Triskelion(TOS)
Gamma Tauri 4The Last Outpost(TNG)
Gamma Trianguli 6The Apple(TOS)
Gamma Vertis 4The Empath(TOS)
Ganalda 4Nor the Battle to the Strong(DS9)
Garon 2Ensign Ro(TNG)
Gaspar 7Starship Mine(TNG)
GaultHeart of Glory(TNG)
Gema 4Basics(VOY)
Gemaris 5Captain’s Holiday(TNG)
Gemulon 5Paradise(DS9)
Genesis PlanetThe Wrath of Khan(FLM)
GideonThe Mark of Gideon(TOS)
Gonal 4Disaster(TNG)
GothosThe Squire of Gothos(TOS)
GravesworldThe Schizoid Man(TNG)


H’atoriaAll Good Things(TNG)
Hanon 4Basics(VOY)
Hansen’s PlanetThe Galileo Seven(TOS)
Harod 4The Perfect Mate(TNG)
Harrakis 5Clues(TNG)
Hekaras 2Force of Nature(TNG)
Hemikek 4Lifesigns(VOY)
Heva 7The Chute(VOY)
Hoek 4Q-Less(DS9)
Holberg 917GRequiem for Methuselah(TOS)
Hur’q PlanetThe Sword of Kahless(DS9)
Hurada 3Violations(TNG)
Hurkos 3The Price(TNG)


Iadara ColonyParallels(TNG)
Icor 9Captain’s Holiday(TNG)
Indri 8The Chase(TNG)
Inferna PrimeThe Ascent(DS9)
Ingraham BOperation: Annihilate(TOS)
Invernia 2Melora(TNG)
Itamish 3The Jem’Hadar(DS9)
Ivor PrimeFirst Contact(FLM)
Iyaaran HomeworldLiasions(TNG)


Janus 6Devil in the Dark(TOS)
Jaros 2Ensign Ro(TNG)
Jouret 4The Best of Both Worlds(TNG)
JuhrayaPreemptive Strike(TNG)
JupiterStarship Down(DS9)


Kaelon 2Half a Life(TNG)
Kalandan OutpostThat Which Survives(TOS)
Kaldra 4Violations(TNG)
Kalla 2Firstborn(TNG)
Kavis Alpha 4Evolution(TNG)
Kea 4The Chase(TNG)
KelvaBy Any Other Name(TOS)
Kenda 2Remember Me(TNG)
Kesprytt 3Attatched(TNG)
Kessik 4Faces(VOY)
Khefka 4Invasive Procedures(DS9)
KhitomerThe Undiscovered Country(FLM)
Kholfa 2The Alternate(DS9)
Klaestron 4Dax(DS9)
Klavdia 3The Dauphin(TNG)
Klingon HomeworldSins of the Father(TNG)
Kora 2Duet(DS9)
KostolianCost of Living(TNG)
Kraus 4Past Prologue(DS9)
Ktaria 7Emanations(VOY)
Kurill PrimeThe Jem’Hadar(DS9)
KurlThe Chase(TNG)
Kylata 2Meridian(DS9)


L-S 6The Alternate(DS9)
Lambda PazFinal Mission(TNG)
Lamenda PrimeThe Homecoming(DS9)
Landris 2Lessons(TNG)
Largo 5Babel(DS9)
Lazon 2Defiant(DS9)
Ledonia 3The Wire(DS9)
Legara 4Sarek(TNG)
Lemma 2New Ground(TNG)
Levinius 5Operation: Annihilate(TOS)
Ligobis 10Second Sight(DS9)
Ligon 2Code of Honor(TNG)
Ligos 7Rascals(TNG)
Loren 3The Chase(TNG)
LovalReturn to Grace(DS9)
Lunar 5The Hunted(TNG)


M’Kemas 3The Adversary(DS9)
M-113The Man Trap(TOS)
Mab-Bu 6Power Play(TNG)
Makus 3The Galileo Seven(TOS)
Malaya 4Identity Crisis(TNG)
Malcor 3First Contact(TNG)
Malkus 9Loud as a Whisper(TNG)
Manark 4The Empath(TOS)
Manu 3Legacy(TNG)
Maranga 4Firstborn(TNG)
Marcos 12And the Children Shall Lead(TOS)
Marejaretus 6Manhunt(TNG)
Mariah 4Dramatis Personae(DS9)
Marijne 12Interface(TNG)
MariposaUp the Long Ladder(TNG)
MarsBooby Trap(TNG)
Marva 4For the Uniform(DS9)
Mataline 2Lessons(TNG)
Mavala 4Inheritance(TNG)
Meezan 4In Purgotory’s Shadow(DS9)
Meldrar 1Necessary Evil(DS9)
Meles 2Ship in a Bottle(TNG)
Melina 2Violations(TNG)
Melnos 4Lessons(TNG)
Melona 4Silicon Avatar(TNG)
Memory AlphaThe Lights of Zetar(TOS)
Merak 2The Cloud Minders(TOS)
Merik 3Hippocratic Oath(DS9)
Midos 5What Are Little Girls Made Of?(TOS)
Milika 3Tapestry(TNG)
MimasThe First Duty(TNG)
Minara 2The Empath(TOS)
MinosThe Arsenal of Freedom(TNG)
Minos KorvaChain of Command(TNG)
Mintaka 3Who Watches the Watchers(TNG)
Miramanee’s PlanetThe Paradise Syndrome(TOS)
Miridian 6Future Imperfect(TNG)
MislenThe Swarm(VOY)
Mizar 2Allegiance(TNG)
Moab 4The Masterpiece Society(TNG)
MoonFirst Contact(FLM)
Mordan 4Too Short a Season(TNG)
Morikin 7Tapestry(TNG)
MorskaThe Undiscovered Country(FLM)
MuddI, Mudd(TOS)
Mudor 5Disaster(TNG)


Nahmi 4Hollow Pursuits(TNG)
NapinneLearning Curve(VOY)
Narendra 3Yesterday’s Enterprise(TNG)
NasreldineThe Icarus Factor(TNG)
Nelvana 3The Defector(TNG)
Nervala 4Second Chances(TNG)
New GaulBloodlines(TNG)
New HalanaSecond Sight(DS9)
Nimbus 3The Final Frontier(FLM)
NivochPrime Factors(VOY)
No’MatRightful Heir(TNG)
Norpin ColonyRelics(TNG)


Ocampa PlanetCaretaker(VOY)
Oceanus 4The Game(TNG)
Ogus 2Brothers(TNG)
Ohniaka 3Descent(TNG)
Omega 4The Omega Glory(TOS)
Omekla 3Defiant(DS9)
Omicron Ceti 3This Side of Paradise(TOS)
Omicron 4Assignment: Earth(TOS)
Omicron ThetaDatalore(TNG)
Ophiucus 3Mudd’s Women(TOS)
Orelious 9Booby Trap(TNG)
OrganiaErrand of Mercy(TOS)
Orias 3Defiant(DS9)
Osinar 6Life Support(DS9)
Otar 2The Offspring(TNG)


PanoraFor the Uniform(DS9)
Parada 2Whispers(DS9)
Parada 4Whispers(DS9)
ParliamentLonely Among Us(TNG)
Parsion 3Business as Usual(DS9)
Peliar ZelThe Host(TNG)
Pelleus 511001001(TNG)
Pendi 2Preemptive Strike(TNG)
Pentarus 2Final Mission(TNG)
Pentarus 5Final Mission(TNG)
Penthara 4A Matter of Time(TNG)
Persephone 5Too Short a Season(TNG)
PlatoniusPlato’s Stepchildren(TOS)
Pollux 4Who Mourns for Adonais(TOS)
Pollux 5Who Mourns for Adonais(TOS)
Portas 5For the Uniform(DS9)
Potak 3Partuition(VOY)
Prakal 2In Theory(TNG)
PraxisThe Undiscovered Country(FLM)
Prema 2Basics(VOY)
Psi 2000The Naked Time(TOS)
Pyris 7Catspaw(TOS)
Pythro 5Rivals(DS9)
Planet QThe Conscience of the King(TOS)


Qo’nosThe Undiscovered Country(FLM)
Quadra Sigma 3Hide and Q(TNG)
Qualor 2Unification(TNG)
Quatal PrimeFor the Uniform(DS9)
Quazulu 8Angel One(TNG)


RakalReturn to Grace(DS9)
Rakosa 5Dreadnought(VOY)
Ramatis 3Loud as a Whisper(TNG)
RegulaThe Wrath of Khan(FLM)
Regulus 3Fascination(DS9)
Regulus 5Amok Time(TOS)
Rekag-SeroniaMan of the People(TNG)
Relva 7Coming of Age(TNG)
Remmil 6Heart of the Stone(DS9)
RemusBalance of Terror(TOS)
Rigel 2Shore Leave(TOS)
Rigel 4Wolf in the Fold(TOS)
Rigel 5Journey to Babel(TOS)
Rigel 7The Cage(TOS)
Rigel 12Mudd’s Women(TOS)
RisaCaptain’s Holiday(TNG)
Rochani 3Dramatis Personae(DS9)
RomulusBalance of Terror(TOS)
RonaraPreemptive Strike(TNG)
Rousseau 5The Dauphin(TNG)
Ruah 4The Chase(TNG)
Rubicun 3Justice(TNG)
RujianA Man Alone(DS9)
Rura PentheThe Undiscovered Country(FLM)
Rutia 4The High Ground(TNG)


SahndaraPlato’s Stepchildren(TOS)
Sakura PrimeDreadnought(VOY)
Saltok 4The Maquis(DS9)
Salva 2For the Uniform(DS9)
Sargon’s planetReturn to Tomorrow(TOS)
Sarona 8We’ll Always Have Paris(TNG)
SarpeidonAll Our Yesterdays(TOS)
Sarthong 5Captain’s Holiday(TNG)
SaturnThe First Duty(TNG)
ScalosWink of an Eye(TOS)
Secarus 4Blood Oath(DS9)
SelayLonely Among Us(TNG)
Sentinel Minor 4The Best of Both Worlds(TNG)
Septimus MinorThe Ensigns of Command(TNG)
Setlik 3The Wounded(TNG)
Sherman’s PlanetThe Trouble with Tribbles(TOS)
Shiralea 6Cost of Living(TNG)
Sigma Draconis 3Spock’s Brain(TOS)
Sigma Draconis 4Spock’s Brain(TOS)
Sigma Draconis 6Spock’s Brain(TOS)
Sigma Iotia 2A Piece of the Action(TOS)
SikarisPrime Factors(VOY)
Solais 5Loud as a Whisper(TNG)
Solarion 4Ensign Ro(TNG)
Solosos 3For the Uniform(DS9)
Sothis 3The Chase(TNG)
Stakoron 2The Nagus(DS9)
StralebThe Outrageous Okona(TNG)
Styris 4Code of Honor(TNG)
Surata 4Shades of Gray(TNG)
Suvin 4Rascals(TNG)


T’Lani 3Armageddon Game(DS9)
T’Lani PrimeArmageddon Game(DS9)
T’lli BetaThe Loss(TNG)
Tagra 4True-Q(TNG)
Tagus 3QPid(TNG)
Talos 4The Cage(TOS)
Tantalus 5Dagger of the Mind(TOS)
Tanuga 4A Matter of Perspective(TNG)
Tarchannen 3Identity Crisis(TNG)
TaresiaFavorite Son(VOY)
Tarod 9The Neutral Zone(TNG)
Tarsas 311001001(TNG)
Tarsus 4The Conscience of the King(TOS)
Tartaras 5Q-Less(DS9)
Tau Alpha CWhere No One Has Gone Before(TNG)
Tau CetiWhom Gods Destroy(TOS)
Tau Ceti 3Conspiracy(TNG)
Tau Ceti PrimeCoda(VOY)
Tau Cygna 5The Ensigns of Command(TNG)
Taurus 2The Galileo Seven(TOS)
Tavela MinorImaginary Friend(TNG)
Telfas PrimeAlliances(VOY)
Teluridian 4Ex Post Facto(VOY)
Terlina 3Inheritance(TNG)
Terosa PrimeSecond Sight(DS9)
Tessen 3Cost of Living(TNG)
Tethys 3Clues(TNG)
Thalos 7The Dauphin(TNG)
Thanatos 7Phantasms(TNG)
ThasusCharlie X(TOS)
Thelka 4Lessons(TNG)
Theta Cygni 12Operation: Annihilate(TOS)
Theta 7Obsession(TOS)
TiburonThe Way to Eden(TOS)
Tilonus 4Frame of Mind(TNG)
TitanThe First Duty(TNG)
Titus 4Realm of Fear(TNG)
Tohvun 3Chain of Command(TNG)
Torad 4Body Parts(DS9)
Torga 4The Ship(DS9)
Torman 5Chain of Command(TNG)
Torna 4The Sword of Kahless(DS9)
Torona 4The Big Goodbye(TNG)
Tracken 2For the Uniform(DS9)
TriacusAnd the Children Shall Lead(TOS)
Trill HomeworldInvasive Procedures(DS9)
TriskelionThe Gamesters of Triskelion(TOS)
TroyiusElaan of Troyius(TOS)
Turkana 4Legacy(TNG)
Tycho 4Obsession(TOS)
TyrelliaStarship Mine(TNG)
Tyrus 7aThe Quality of Life(TNG)
TzenkethBy Inferno’s Light(DS9)


Ufandi 3Firstborn(TNG)
Ultima ThuleDramatis Personae(DS9)
Umoth 8The Maquis(DS9)
Unefra 3Improbable Cause(DS9)


Vacca 6Homeward(TNG)
Vadris 3Q-Less(DS9)
Vagra 2Skin of Evil(TNG)
Vandor 4We’ll Always Have Paris(TNG)
Vandros 4To the Death(DS9)
Vega ColonyThe Cage(TOS)
Velara 3Home Soil(TNG)
Veloz PrimeFor the Uniform(DS9)
VendikarA Taste of Armageddon(TOS)
Ventax 2Devil’s Due(TNG)
VenusFuture’s End(VOY)
Veridian 3Generations(FLM)
Veridian 4Generations(FLM)
Vilmor 2The Chase(TNG)
Volchock PrimeThe Nagus(DS9)
Volon 2The Maquis(DS9)
Volon 3The Maquis(DS9)
VulcanAmok Time(TOS)


Wrigley Pleasure Pl.The Man Trap(TOS)


Xanthras 3Menage a Troi(TNG)
Xerxes 7When the Bough Breaks(TNG)


Yadalla PrimeGambit(TNG)
Yadera 2Shadowplay(DS9)
Yadera PrimeShadowplay(DS9)


Zadar 4When the Bough Breaks(TNG)
Zayra 4Realm of Fear(TNG)
ZeonPatterns of Force(TOS)
Zeta Alpha 2The Best of Both Worlds(TNG)
ZetarThe Lights of Zetar(TOS)
Zytchin 3Captain’s Holiday(TNG)


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