What are the best Prank Calling Apps for Android

What are the best Prank Calling Apps for Android

Call Voice Changer

Among the very best voice modifying apps today is Call Voice Changer, which will enable you to take your prank calling experiences to a whole new level. 

This highly amusing app lets you change the pitch of your voice with additional sound effects; these include dog barks, sirens and gongs. 

To use this app and start making a Prank dial right away, you will need to connect to your mobile data or wifi. 

Call Voice Changer differentiates itself from other voice apps as callers may alter their voice in real-time during a live call. In contrast, with different voice changers where you would have to make an initial prerecording before modifications could be realized. 

It gives a multitude of exciting voice options which can be used at the touch of a button. With so many sound effects accessible during a single phone call, you can make it appear that multiple personalities are on the phone. Perhaps most important of all is that your identity remains a secret. 

The app does have some minor downfalls but nothing to write home about. The first being you can’t make international calls, therefore making prank calling out of the country impossible. The second being that the app contains ads and in-app buys, but this isn’t unusual amongst prank calling apps in general. 

Fake Call- Prank by GameAndro- Free

This prank app’s primary feature is to schedule fake calls instantly or at any subsequent moment at the push of a button. It’s highly effective, and simplistic functionality is what makes this fake call app a must-download. 

Arranging a fake incoming call is perfect if you want a quick and natural escape out of any awkward situation, these could be a dull meeting or a social occasion gone wrong. 

So how does it give you an excuse? When you receive a fake call, you can pretend to have a conversation with anyone. After engaging in your fabricated conversation, you can make up any excuse to leave while being entirely under the radar. 

This app also offers customization that can be applied to your fake callers, such as their identity and image. There are also inbuilt characters you can choose from such as the police or pizza parlour. 

To use this app, tap “call now” to activate a fake call and select what time interval you want, after which a countdown will begin. 

Fake call is ideal for those who want efficiency and simplicity rather than an overload of customizable features which may not be relevant. It also is a comparatively small app which does not require a lot of memory to download.

Ownage Pranks

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Ownage Pranks has its very own prankster app that offers a large variety of different prank calls that are prerecorded and automatically sent once you make a call. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to write a prank script or can’t hold it together over the phone, this is where the Ownage Pranks app can come in handy. Once downloaded, it really does all the work for you, just sit back and tune in live.  

Ownage Pranks excels with the quality and imagination of their well-written prank scripts. A personal favourite of mine would have to be ‘Give me your Wifi password’ where Rakeesh claims he lives in the neighbourhood and threatens to hack your target’s computer if he doesn’t receive the Wifi password.

If you’re looking for a specific prank that will cater to a particular situation Ownage Pranks offer many prank categories. These include pranks scenarios related to ‘Dating & Love’, ‘Jobs & WorkPlace’, and many more. 

Dialogue during calls between the prerecording and person generally takes place smoothly thanks to its ‘Speech recognition technology’ AI. 

The apps AI can analyze responses on the go and even detect silence. Prerecordings will then react accordingly, ensuring that the person you’re calling won’t have the faintest idea.

Fake Call And SMS

This versatile prank app can be used in the most creative ways making for the funniest pranks to trick your friends. Fake Call And SMS is another fantastic app similar to previous entry ‘Fake Call’ as you can also schedule a fake incoming call or text at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps you want to convince your best buddy you have a new girlfriend or fool your parents into believing your boss gave you a promotion over the phone. 

You can make up any scenario by having a fake conversation on the phone; if you want the call to have a script, you can also import a voice audio file to listen and respond too. 

While most fake call apps only provide an incoming caller function, the Fake Call and SMS app also offer an SMS simulator that can send fraudulent text messages. 

The SMS simulator can be used to manipulate all your messages including what’s stored in your inbox, drafts and errors. 

The level of customization in this tiny app is astounding, making pranks that much more convenient and creative to do. 

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