What Every Professional Should Know Who Deals with Documents

What Every Professional Should Know Who Deals with Documents

Documents are a part of every profession. Whether you are an assistant or one of the top executives, you have to deal with several documents containing important information. You do not just have to read them but also store, protect, and share them. While it may not take a lot of your time if it’s a just a small part of your responsibilities, you can still save time and enhance work efficiency by working smart. Here I have shared some useful things about document handling everyone should know. 

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You Can Edit Online PDFs

In contrast to popular belief, PDF files can be edited without having to convert or creating a new document. These are just as useful and flexible as Word files, and you get extra features and benefits. For example, PDF files can be password-protected, and their formatting doesn’t change after they have been saved. 

You get the same style and alignment as they were created, no matter where they are opened. Furthermore, if a recipient doesn’t have a special tool for this format, he can view the file in any internet browser. However, you will need SodaPDF tool to edit the files. 

File Tracking with Google Docs

A person dealing with documents should definitely know about Google Docs. You are missing out on a lot if you have not used Google Suite. It has made document tracking and sharing very easy. If more than one person is working on a file, they can work and view simultaneously. You can see the changes made in your document as they are being made and record them. This makes teamwork very efficient. Editors particularly appreciate this feature as they have to guide their team while they are working. 

File Sharing with Links

Some of you might also be wondering how the above-mentioned document tracking is possible. The simplest way is to create a shareable link of the file and send it to other people. You can also share the document without a link by giving access to just emails of your team members. Shareable links, however, make this work a lot easier. You can create just a link and set the rights of the people with the link and share it with anyone you want. It allows you to give other people the right to view, comment, edit, or download the file. 

The Use of E-Signs is Growing

The old way of signing a printed document has gone out of fashion. Many people now use online signature functions to get their work done faster. After all, no one likes to print a document, mail it to the other party, and wait for them to sign and mail back to you before you can do anything. This process of days can now be easily done within minutes. Simply use Soda PDF to upload and share the document with the other party to sign. The document is stored online, so any changes made are recorded.

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