Where to Find and Purchase CBD Oils for Your Dog

Where to Find and Purchase CBD Oils for Your Dog

All pet owners will know that the bond between an animal and a human is powerful and unbreakable. We adore our furry friends, we’d de devastated if anything was to happen to them- and we want to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as they can possibly be.

Unfortunately, like humans, pets are prone to suffering from common health ailments. Everything from anxiety and stomach upsets to joint pain, epilepsy and cancer can be experienced by animals, too. And in the same way we treat our own illnesses or disorders, we want to be able to help our pets when they’re poorly. Read more about CBD Oil for Dogs below:


You may find that a good majority of medications for your dog are overpriced and ineffective. As with humans, the simple truth of the matter is that while some medications may work on some dogs, they won’t work on others. This can result in you needlessly spending a lot of money on something that won’t ultimately ease your dog’s pain or discomfort.

If your dog is suffering from physical or mental illness and you’re yet to find an affordable, effective treatment, don’t give up just yet- it’s time you considered CBD.

What is CBD?

There’s a high probability that you will have at least heard of CBD by now, and that is because it’s proving so popular in the world of all things health and wellness. It is derived from the cannabis plant and has been found to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce pain and inflammation, and even fight cancer and prevent epileptic seizures.

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How does CBD work in dogs?

It has always been known that CBD is just as effective in animals as it is in humans. A lot of CBD scientific testing is carried out on rats initially, for example, and we work off the basis that if the rat is positively affected by a product, so will a human. This is because humans and animals both have something called the endocannabinoid system inside our bodies.

When CBD enters into our body, it passes into the bloodstream through the digestive system, where it enters the endocannabinoid system. Here, it interacts with specific reactors in the system, switching them on or off, or altering their responses to various hormones and chemicals around the body. From making these small internal changes, CBD can improve the body’s overall functioning and help it to work in more favour to you. This applies to both humans and animals after taking a dose of CBD.

What can CBD treat in my dog?

CBD has been scientifically proven to effectively treat a number of ailments in dogs, including:

– Anxiety & separation issues

– Epileptic seizures

– Arthritis and other joint disorders

– Gastrointestinal issues

– Sleep disorders

– Some forms of cancers

It can also generally promote relaxation, increase appetite, and improve mood.

Make sure you do your research before you give CBD to your dog. You don’t want to cause an overdose, as remember, dogs and humans will not require the same daily dosage. It’s always best to start as low in dose as possible, and work your way upwards only if necessary.

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