A Quick Guide to 6 of the Most Popular Sparkling Wines

A Quick Guide to 6 of the Most Popular Sparkling Wines

How to Make Sparkling Wine

For us to have those refreshing bubbles that every wine lover knows and loves, sparkling wine needs to be made in a specific way.

All types of sparkling wine undergo two fermentation approaches. Nonetheless, the one that creates bubbles is the second process, which differentiates it from the first approach.

All in all, sparkling wine can be made using six methods, wherein each way will result in a distinctive carbonation degree.

However, the most popular methods in producing sparkling wine are the Tank Method and Traditional Method, let’s see each description below:

Traditional  Method

This method is differentiated from the other approaches through the fact that its second fermentation occurs in a bottle wherein the yeasts and sugars are added.

The classic method creates smaller bubbles and is usually employed when producing Champagnes.

Tank Method

This method is also set apart from others due to the fact that its second fermentation occurs in a massive metal tank.

This approach aids in creating larger bubbles which are evident in sparkling wines.

Types of Sparkling Wines

A lot of people find the array of sparkling wines confusing. To aid you in your search for the perfect sparkling that will go with your palate, here are the six most prominent types of sparkling wines.


This type of sparkling wine originated from Catalonia, a town in Spain. Cava is made using the traditional approach and is primarily made from the Spanish grape, Macabeo, which adds a fresh, lemony flavor to the taste.

This wine can also be produced with Parellada and Xarello grapes that have fruity hints of citrus and pear. These grapes are considerably less sweet than Prosecco and have a floral fragrance.

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This is arguably the most famous kind of sparkling wine. Basically, sparkling wine is only considered as Champagne if it was made from France, the region of Champagnes.

To simplify, every champagne is acknowledged as sparkling wine, however not all sparkling wines are classified as champagne.

Mainly, the fact that you must understand is that due to Champagne being so versatile, it can complement just about any food from the breakfast course to fried eats.

Champagne has tiny bubbles that create a fruity, yet not too sweet taste which is perfect for all types of celebrations in life.


This is a type of sparkling wine that can be made in numerous areas in France such as Loire, Burgundy, and Limoux.

This specific sparkling wine is made in the same classic approach as Champagne and has a taste that varies on the kind of grape used to make it. However, a lot of types have a nutty and creamy flavor instead of sweet.


Prosecco was named after the village in Italy that it came from Prosecco. This type of wine can come in different forms aside from bubbly, however, it is mostly recognized for its sparkling types.

It is produced from Glera grapes. It is usually on the sweet side when talking about taste. This specific sparkling wine is created through the Charmat method, which causes it to obtain bigger bubbles and a popular partner for cocktails.


This type of wine can be created still but is more greatly favored in its bubbly and sparkling form. It is commonly known for its fruity aroma and pink hues.

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The most popular rosé flavors are rhubarb, strawberry, rose petal, citrus, and honeydew. Sparkling Rosé can originate from numerous regions from Italy to California, yet is ordinarily made in Provence, France.


Sekt is a sparkling wine that comes from the area of Germany and is recognized as wines that have low alcohol and sweetness levels.

This sparkling wine may have alcohol levels which are as low as 6%. It can also contain floral and fruity aromas like white flowers, apples, and pears.

This type of wine has an innate fruitiness and acidity that is becoming more prominent in other places aside from Germany. Sekt is created using the two popular methods of producing sparkling wines, the traditional and tank method which depends on its kind.

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Almost all wine manufacturing countries around the world create a sparkling wine of their own.

Without any precise reputation or regulations, it is a bit challenging to pinpoint what kind of wine is delicious, and what may just be a  disastrous experiment.

To seek the gems in the wine industry, it is better to find an expert local wine seller who can pinpoint the yays and nays of the local wine variety.


Regardless of the occasion, whether you are in a family together, ringing in the New Year, or just chilling after a hard day at work, sparkling wine is perfect for all occasions.

Sparkling wine is produced all around the world and is recognized for its refreshing bubbles that pop up at the top whenever you pour a glass of wine.

So treat yourself, your friends, and family to a good drink and grab a bottle of sparkling wine now!

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