Ron D. Moore Q & A from AOL’s Message Boards
Dated 9809.15

When I get the time, you get the answers:

Q: what about Garak and Bashir? I really, really, REALLY miss the relationship between these two. It’s far more interesting than Bashir and O’brien.

A: We’re also bandying about some ideas for Garak/Bashir, and I hope we’ll do one before time runs out.

Q: In issue 79 (1991) of the publication Star Trek: The Official Fan Club an article appeared (recently republished in Star Trek Communicator) wherein Whoopi Goldberg made the following remarks:

STC: Did the producers ever tell you how Guinan knows Q?

WG: [Laughs] Yes, but I’m not allowed to say how she knows Q. It would give away why and what she’s doing there on the Enterprise. That whole theme won’t be dealt with until my relationship with Star Trek is done. So let’s hope that it doesn’t ever come up.

STC: Many fans have wondered what Guinan meant in the episode The Best of Both Worlds when she said that she was more than family and more than a friend with Captain Picard. What did she mean?

WG: [Laughs] I can’t tell you! I wish I could. But it did leave you wondering and I think that was the idea. It is those things that keep you guessing. But there is something there.

SO! My question(s):

Have the storylines ever been resolved or addressed? If so I must have missed the episode. It would be fascinating for you to reveal some of the original plans for the character which have never been brought to fruition.

A: To be honest, I have no idea what Whoopi is talking about. She might be referring to a conversation she had with Gene or Maurice Hurley when she first came on the show in which they discussed a possible Q/Guinan backstory. However, by the time I came on in TNG’s 3rd season, there was no backstory sitting around or even talked about on the writing staff.

Q: Mister Moore will there be a reference to Josh Gibson the greatest homerun hitter of all time and/or the Negro Leauges in the ep Take Me out to the Holosuite?

A: No. I don’t think there are any references to any major league players in the episode.

Q: Hello Ron, I know that you do not like to discuss eps. but one question about “Take me out to the Holosuite”. The episode has Sisko and crew in a baseball game against the vulcans, now is this a full cast episode? I would think it would have to be since you need at least 9 players to makeup a team, so will we see O’Brien, Worf and Martok helping to make up the rest of the team????

A: Now batting for the Niners: Sisko, Jake, Kira, Ezri, Worf, Quark, Rom, Leeta, Bashir, O’Brien, and Kasidy. (Not the actual batting order, which would give you some idea of who’s playing what.)

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