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Q: At the end of last year, you stated that there were officially two other Defiant-class ships operating in Starfleet. This is obvious because during the final flick in “A Call to Arms”, we could clearly see two other Defiant class ships other than the Defiant… My question to you is, how many Defiant-class ships are now operating in Starfleet? (other than the Valiant which, , kinda died.)

A: We don’t have an official number, but we presume there are at least a few dozen at this point.

Q: I was wondering if the last episode will be a two hour episode. They did it for The Next Generation.

A: That’s the plan at the moment.

Q: I heard a rumour that Ezri Dax & Jake Sisko are going to develop a relationship in the early part of the seventh season. Could you tell me it that is true?

A: Not True.

Q: Will we see an Alternate Universe episode in the 7th season of DS9?

A: We’d like to do one more.

Q: Has there been any thought of tying up some stories left open at the end of some TNG episodes, like “Conspiracy”, “Schisms” or any with the Borg left from “Descent” or Lore?

A: We have no plans to tie up any TNG threads.

Q: Does Jake have a special meaning to the people of Bajor? Does he have a cool name like Emissary?

A: He is known as The Boy Wonder

Q: Terry Farrell has said that she would come back for the last episode. Is there any chance that we’ll get to see her? (Hey, it happened with Yar, and Spock)

A: Too early to tell, but we’re not planning on it.

Q: You’ve said that your Star Trek career is over after DS9. Does that mean that you wouldn’t help with a DS9 movie?

A: At the moment, there are no plans for a DS9 movie, but I’d certainly consider it.

Q: Is there any sort of history on the Trills? I am not the only one who wonders about certain things, such as when and how they first joined, how the symbionts reproduce, and any other such tidbits that would be of interest to those of us who prefer Trills over the other races.

A: Although we’ve talked over several versions of the Trill backstory, we don’t have an “official” story anywhere. The same goes for the Klingons, Bajorans, etc. We usually go into detail on this sort of thing when there’s a specific story problem that must be addressed — as in “Rightful Heir” for instance.

Q: I would like to know if there are going to be any more TNG Charactors on DS9?

A: We have no plans for any TNG characters to appear on DS9.

Q: Whats gonna happen after season 7 of DS9?

A: The peoples of the Earth will mourn as one.

Q: We’d all like some feature films but with the TNG crew having their turn, whats the future hold?

A: I haven’t heard anything about future DS9 projects either in feature films or TV movies. Anything is possible, of course, but there are no plans for DS9 to continue in any format beyond season 7.

Q: I love watching the Romulans on ds9 and TNG and I can’t help noticing that the Romulans always use their D’deridex Warbirds. Why doesn’t paramount give the Romulans some new ships so the romulans don’t look so plain. If you have anything to say on this Subject go ahead.

A: We built a Romulan shuttle for “The Defector” (and had to build another one for “In the Pale Moonlight” since a certain starship wandering the Delta Quadrant had trashed our model) but we haven’t had a need for other Rom warships, so we haven’t spent the money to construct a new vessel.

Q: How big is the Changeling infiltration in the Federation , is it bigger than suspected ?

A: We’re talking about that right now, and I’d rather not give it away yet.

Q: I imagine that the process of casting a new actress for the new “Dax” character would have been a most difficult process given that character is already defined to a degree and the series is only going to continue for 1 more yr. Did these factors dissuade any potential candidates for the role?

A: Not that I’m aware of.

Q: Is it known who is going to write the series ending ?

A: No, but I would imagine that Ira & Hans will do it.

Q: What has been the most difficult episode for you to write?

A: The most difficut story I’ve written recently was “The Sound of Her Voice.” I had trouble finding the right themes in this one and I felt like I never got a handle on the episode. As a result, I find it somewhat unsatisfying. I’m not sure why I shot wide of the mark on that one, maybe it was the end of the year and my own fatigue was starting to show or maybe I just overestimated my ability to pull off the “radio” concept.

Q: Will Q return to DS9 in season 7?

A: Probably not, but you never say never…

Q: How much life do you see for the Star Trek franchise after DS9 and Voyager has run its course. If you were asked by the suits at Paramount, what would you recommend would be the next steps for the franchise?

A: I think there’s still a lot of life left in Trek, but that the next step in the franchise has to be very carefully considered. I think it would be best if a new series were developed only after Voyager left the air. Let fan hunger develop a little and let the TNG movies run their course, then reinvent the franchise again and go from there.

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