Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Worrying about the safety of one’s property and premises when one is not around is common. Security is an important element of everyone’s lives. We already deploy different forms of security for different aspects of our life. There is even more consideration when it comes to commercial spaces likes offices or markets. 

Many businesses already have pre-existing security solutions at their disposal. There are security guards deployed in workspaces as a security measure. Their scope is however restricted when it comes to places that are not easily accessible. 

Concerns of security were prominent during the past too. Russian Physicist, Leon Theremin, developed an early model mechanical CCTV system back in the year 1927. The first documented use of CCTV was in Germany in the year 1942 to observe the launch of V-2 rockets.  

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is used for video surveillance. It has found many uses in multiple areas in recent times, in office spaces, in industries, in banks, shops, houses, etc. where surveillance is required.  

A modern advantage of the CCTV phenomenon is remote CCTV monitoring services. In this surveillance method, the images from the cameras are sent to remote monitoring stations via the internet to an offsite station controlled by professionals working to detect any suspicious activity at the site of the cameras. If there is any concern, the emergency services are immediately contacted. This mode of surveillance has become quite famous because of the augmented security it provides. 

How does it Work?

  • An internet connection is required to transmit the images from the camera to the CCTV offsite monitoring location.
  • If there is suspicious activity witnessed by the professional viewing the feed, he manipulates the camera to get the relevant footage and to not miss any blind spots of the camera.
  • It also has a provision where the professional can use the installed loudspeaker to warn the intruder.
  • Emergency services are called if the situation is escalated along with the contacts of the owner’s choosing.

Features of Remote Monitoring System – 

  • Cameras can be manipulated remotely to attain the best angle to capture the footage required.
  • With this system installed, there is no need for on-site security guards.
  • There is a satisfaction that the video feed and the security are in the hands of complete professionals.
  • The staff hired at the monitoring stations are trained and licensed by Security Industry Authority standards. 
  • The audio feature can prevent any damage or crime from taking place by issuing a warning. 

Business warehouses and properties are mostly scattered across different places. Schools and banks have many branches in various locations. Even malls, retail stores have different outlets all over. To ensure complete security to all the places is not possible and hiring manual security is an expensive affair. The answer to this dilemma comes in the form of outsourcing CCTV monitoring services. 

Benefits of CCTV Monitoring – 

  • The theft of valuables can be avoided.
  • Crimes can be prevented from happening.
  • The video recordings act as proof/evidence of the incident.
  • Even remote areas can be viewed by manipulating the cameras manually.

Choosing the right remote CCTV monitoring services provider – 

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Many companies offer CCTV offsite monitoring services. Among these, ExpertCallers is a leading company that offers many exclusive benefits and services for remote monitoring. 

ExpertCallers team assures secure recordings of the footage, the best camera technology, compatibility with every prominent system, integration of existing alarm systems to the CCTV monitoring system. ExpertCallers also has a host of video monitoring services, noticeable among these are – 

  1. Fire Alarm Monitoring 
  2. Worker protection
  3. Stock/Inventory Protection
  4. Access Control 

ExpertCallers team offers personalized customizable solutions to its clients. We also use IP technology to centralize the security system’s control and provide real-time reports per the client’s request. 

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