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“Broken Bow”

Both the series’ premiere “Broken Bow” and first season finale “Shockwave” were excellent. In fact, this premiere in my opinion is the best of all the series. The episodes dealt with the “Temporal Cold War” storyline which so far has been very engaging and has been sharply written. Both had excellent direction and pace with solid acting by the cast. The action was exciting with top-notch special f/x.

“Dear Doctor”

Although I wish “Dear Doctor” had been “Dear Captain” to develop Archer’s character, this Dr. Phlox episode was thought-provoking nonetheless. Best line in the show: Dr. Phlox: “Evolution is more than a theory. It is a fundamental scientific principle”. Nice to see science that makes sense being used again in Trek. Not so however for some other episodes. Some may have argued about “continuity” when it came to “Acquisition”, but it was a fun episode not meant to be taken seriously anyway. Seeing Jeff Combs again as a Ferengi was more than enough to make it good.

“Fight or Flight”
“Strange New World”
“The Andorian Incident”
“Cold Front”
“Silent Enemy”
“Shadows of P’Jem”
“Shuttlepod One”
“Vox Sola”
“Two Days and Two Nights”

The show’s second episode “Fight or Flight” had good character development of Hoshi and as we saw throughout the season there was a fair amount of character development for almost all the characters. “Strange New World” was a character-driven episode with good performances by Trinneer (Trip Tucker), Blalock (T’Pol) and Montgomery (Travis Mayweather). In “The Andorian Incident” we saw an updated and cooler version of the Andorians and neat f/x. Ok, Jeff Combs as “Shran” was in it, enough said! Yes, I think he’s a fabulous character actor. “Cold Front” saw the return of the “Temporal Cold War” storyline. Neat f/x here as well

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