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as a chance to see advanced tech in spite of “Enterprise” being a pre-TOS show. “Silent Enemy” was a good episode although the language level left something to be desired (no more “bad guys” please) but there was also no excess technobabble as was the case for the season as a whole, thank goodness. The follow-up to “The Andorian Incident” and the Vulcan/Andorian storyline “Shadows of P’Jem” spelled good continuity. We were also reminded that these are not your “father’s” Vulcans which I find refreshing. Shaping up to be as good a pairing as Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir (DS9), the Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reed friendship has been believable and appealing. Trinneer (Trip) and Keating (Reed) have good chemistry. Their performances in “Shuttlepod One” were noteworthy! “Vox Sola” featured a cool alien creature and good character interaction and was an excellent ensemble episode. Even Mayweather (Montgomery) was used well here. There were also some cool special f/x and the music was good and original. Lastly, of the B+ episodes, in “Two Days and Two Nights” we saw Hoshi “score” , in a fun, lighthearted episode.B

Although not rated as high as this by fans, I enjoyed this silly but cute and campy episode. The teaser where we see the Captain taking a shower had me watching the screen very closely . Trinneer showed us he can do comedy as well as he does drama.

“Breaking the Ice”
“Fallen Hero”

In the first of the above we got some character development and some silly science, not much more to say but it was good nonetheless. “Civilization” was formulaic but entertaining. We got good music and smart women. In “Fallen Hero” we were introduced to the Vulcan ambassador “V’Lar” (Fionnula Flanagan). I like her and hope we get to see her again. I think she’d make a great Sarek-like (Spock’s father) character. There was good continuity in this episode.


“Fusion” was too much like Voyager and Seven of Nine episodes; even the music sounded the same. Needless to say, this isn’t good. While it expanded our knowledge of Vulcans, there were too many contradictions in this episode and as such it didn’t make any sense. Still T’Pol’s character ended up slightly more defined and Blalock was good in it. Dean Stockwell appeared in “Detained” as Colonel Grat and it was great to see him acting alongside Bakula


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