ENTERPRISE – Season 1 Review
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(Archer). However, the good vs. bad storyline in this episode was way too simple, hence the C+ rating.C
“Sleeping Dogs”

I love Klingons but this one lacked a great deal. We are midway through season 1 and Captain Archer is still not clearly defined and it shows in Scott Bakula’s acting. To be fair however, this seems to be the case where the Captain is concerned for all of the previous shows as well.

“Fortunate Son”
“Desert Crossing”

“Fortunate Son” featured the helmsman “Mayweather”. Boring episode however as we learned nothing we didn’t already know about Travis. “Oasis” was a bland episode as well and a thorough waste of a fine actor, Rene Auberjonois (DS9’s Odo). If they were trying to attract DS9 fans, this didn’t do it. “Desert Crossing” had one very good thing about it, the music. It reminded me of a big screen movie. The episode however was plodding and predictable.

“Terra Nova”
“Rogue Planet”

Being a rehash of a seventh season Voyager episode (“Friendship One”), “Terra Nova” garnered this rating from me. “Rehash” says it all. “Rogue Planet” deserved this rating because there was nothing there. It was just too simple, dull and stupid. The music at the end was beautiful though.

Overall grade for season 1: B-

Not bad for a first season with 19 out of 26 episodes hitting the above average mark. Had it been a later season, I would have dropped all the marks by one grade save for the A, A- and B+ episodes which I think would have still deserved those marks.

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