ENTERPRISE – Season 1 Review
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Captain Jonathan Archer: 
He likes iced tea, beer and wine. He’s played and likes water polo. He has realized that there is a need for some sort of “Prime Directive” and as such has formulated the basic idea of it. Although he resented T’Pol’s presence on the ship, he has grown to respect and depend on her. He is slowly beginning to understand why the Vulcans were wary about humans venturing into deep space. He has had a comet named after him (“Breaking the Ice”), “Archer’s comet”. As of the last episode, he is trapped in the 31st century with Daniels (Matt Winston).Sub-commander T’Pol: 
Although not having volunteered for a post on Enterprise, she has shown that she wants to stay on the ship (“Shadows of P’Jem”). She respects Archer and is developing relationships with him, Trip Tucker and Hoshi Sato. She has assumed command of the ship several times. She has defended or offered to defend Archer at times. She is quickly becoming used to humans and has tried human foods like pecan pie. She was last seen in command of Enterprise, the ship being attacked by Silik and the Suliban Cabal.

Chief Enginneer Charles “Trip” Tucker III 
He has had the dubious honor of being the first human male to become pregnant with an alien child (“Unexpected”). He is a close friend of Captain Archer and is third in command. He and Reed nearly died when trapped in a shuttlepod (“Shuttlepod One”) and as such have become friends. He likes to drink beer. He is extremely passionate and has a good sense of humor. He is also a man of integrity (“Breaking the Ice”).

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed 
He is a stickler for protocols and procedure. He likes his weapons and is working on a force field or shield (“Vox Sola”). Although shy and reticent, he has warmed up to the crew. He is pals with Trip. Alienated most of his life, even from his parents, he now considers the crew as family (“Shuttlepod One”).

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phlox 
Ever the optimist, he is detached from the crew but has enjoyed his stay on Enterprise. He has a pet bat and keeps various alien creatures in sick bay. He keeps in contact with Dr. Lucas, a human who is his counterpart onDenobula (“Dear Doctor”). He is a Denobulan. He likes to study religions and cultures.

Communications Officer Hoshi Sato 
Although she was somewhat leery of travelling on the ship especially at warp speed, she has become accustomed to it. She is an expert at languages and is gifted in this field. She uses the universal translator but prefers to learn languages without it (“Two Days and Two Nights”).

Ensign Travis Mayweather 
He is a competent helmsman. He was born and grew up on a space freighter and as such is


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