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Please no more rehashes of old and especially of relatively new episodes from other shows. I hope they keep up with the continuity, the character development and the arcs. The show’s overall storyline is coherent!I also hope that they don’t have too many character-centric episodes; they are usually boring. It’s much better to develop characters, especially secondary characters, by using sub-plots. The show could use more action at times but character driven or ensemble episodes are a must. The stories could be more complex at times. The “real life” science could be improved upon as well. Special f/x are good to excellent. And please “NO MORE” caves for a while .

But as I said in my review of “Silent Enemy”…

“I’d like to see a brain-teasing, sci-fi-ish, slightly disturbing episode. Something that would blow my mind away. Something that would leave me a little uncomfortable after viewing it. Something that would shake up the complacent, secure status quo of my beliefs and knowledge. Something that would teach me something new about science or philosophy; that would make me think. I love being entertained and I have been so far. I like social commentary as well but I want to be surprised.” I’d love to see an episode of the likes TNG had, like: “Cause and Effect”, “Parallels” or “Timescape”, etc.”

Lastly, I can’t wait for season 2 to begin!!

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