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“Dead Stop”

While these two episodes were the best of the season, they were also very different in style. “Dead Stop” was an action-packed sci-fi episode while “Cogenitor” was a more dramatic installment. While the first was fun to watch and light in drama the second left you thinking about it long after it was over. Both had excellent direction, acting, and writing. The f/x in “Dead Stop” were stellar while the acting in “Cogenitor” had more depth and drama. What made “Dead Stop” succeed so well was Roxann Dawson’s superb direction and the ever excellent CGI work.


“Singularity” was a very good episode and would have been given an A had it not been for the use of the silly-looking joystick. Again, the direction, acting and writing was good in this episode. And although the basis of the storyline was a bit of a rehash it still came out as original nonetheless. This was a fun show. Another well-written episode “Stigma” is a good example of classic, allegorical Trek. Viacom’s AIDS awareness program was the reason why this episode was made and Berman and Braga did a wonderful job fitting in this subject into the Trek universe. The subplot aptly enough is a sex farce featuring Trip and Feezal and looks at the discomfort of those not accustomed to different sexual lifestyles without being condescending. The main plot is more serious of course and deals with the stigma still associated with those who develop AIDS.

“The Catwalk”
“Cease Fire”
“Future Tense”
“The Breach”
“The Expanse”

“Minefield” was an enjoyable episode with super special f/x. Dominic Keating’s acting also stood out here. Great f/x, character development and interaction and great pacing made “The Catwalk” more than watchable. Of “Cease Fire” I said in my review: “Not only does this episode add to the overall premise of the series with the birth of the Federation storyline but we get wonderful continuity touches , development of recurring characters, great f/x,

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