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background music that enhances the tension, solid acting, plenty of action and subtle but effective humor.” The episode also featured one of my favorite DS9 actors, the ever versatile Jeffrey Combs and cool Vulcan ships and continued the Vulcan/Andorian arc. “Future Tense” is yet another installment in the “Temporal Cold War” arc and the addition of the Tholians into the Enterprise storyline. The writing stood out here as well as the action, cool f/x and CGI work. Yet another above-average episode, “The Breach” was well-directed and well-written. John Billingsley shines here and the bit in the teaser showing him feed a tribble to his pet lizard is a hoot if only because of Hoshi’s reaction. Finally we come to “The Expanse”, the season finale. As I don’t watch the trailers or read spoilers I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. What stands out here is the change in the characters and the overall storyline which I’ll elaborate on in the character changes and review section. A very good cliffhanger, it is hoped that it isn’t resolved in the Season 3 premiere.


The first of these two episodes features a quintessential, honourable Klingon played by the equally classy J. G. Hertzler, another of my favorite actors from DS9. The recreation of the Klingon tribunal was quite stunning but the Rura Penthe prison looked somewhat too clean and as such had a fake look about it. The acting was great and the camera angles chosen for the scenes in the tribunal hall were quite effective. I couldn’t avoid spoilers for “Regeneration” and I wish I had been able to. The last thing I would have expected to see on Enterprise were the Borg but surprisingly, the writers pulled it off. Most notable here is Brian Tyler’s musical score which is original and unique to Enterprise. David Livingston’s direction is also noteworthy in that the action sequences are seamless and the pace impeccable.

“Shockwave Part II”
“Carbon Creek”
“The Seventh”

Season two’s premiere adequately resolves the first season’s cliffhanger but that’s all it really does. From my review: “Instead of rehashing how the Vulcans want humans out of deep space and back on Earth and Archer and T’Pol arguing against it, it would have been far more interesting to see them discussing the Suliban and Silik.” It’s obvious that the Suliban are dangerous and yet Starfleet and the Vulcans don’t seem to be that concerned about them. This leaves a gap in the storyline. Starfleet and the Vulcans come off as not very relevant to what is happening here. “Carbon Creek” was a pleasant, relaxing episode. It made me like T’Pol more. “The Seventh” unfortunately humanizes the Vulcans a bit too much. A Vulcan criminal just pushed it too much for me. In “Horizon” we finally get a bit of backstory on one

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