ENTERPRISE – Season 2 Review
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of the most underused characters on the show, Mayweather, as we get to meet his family. This character-centric episode also features some fabulous music by Mark McKenzie. In “Bounty” we have the typical ratings ploy of gratuitous sex but we do get to meet the Tellarites. Bonus points go to the excellent makeup.

“A Night in Sickbay”
“The Communicator”
“First Flight”

As average episodes go, “A Night in Sickbay” was fun to watch and did have some humorous moments mainly due to the “Pillarian” slips of the tongue. It and all the episodes that follow are worth watching once but aren’t really good enough to be watched in reruns unless you’ve missed them the first time around. In my review of “The Communicator” I said: “This is the type of episode that’s best viewed as a whole rather than looked at too closely. … The problem comes when you start paying too much attention to the details. There are so many things that don’t make sense.” That pretty well covers it. We do get the beginnings of the need for the Prime Directive however. If you are a Trip fan, then “Dawn” is worth watching, however it is nothing but a rehash episode and long time Trek fans would find it more than predictable. Still it had good direction, a good fistfight and good music. “Canamar” is well written with sharp dialogue, well acted by Bakula in particular and well directed but this doesn’t change the fact that this is a well-worn plot in the Trek universe and is much too predictable which in the end makes it an average episode. Finally, “First Flight” does give us some background on the early warp flights but the episode is dull and plodding.

“The Crossing”

This is your typical alien invasion storyline and as such a derivative, generic sci-fi episode. Some nice CGI work fails to save this all too predictable and bland episode.

“Vanishing Point”

“Marauders” is an old-fashioned TV plot about good guys vs bad guys with goofy Klingons (I miss DS9’s Klingons). Klingons are warriors and watching them here being all klutzy just didn’t ring true. Moreover the makeup didn’t look quite right and the music was annoying. I had to force myself to watch it to the end to do the review. Yet another rehashed story is what we get with “Vanishing Point” which is too bad as it featured Linda Park (Hoshi) and we do need to

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