ENTERPRISE – Season 2 Review
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This was a fairly good but average season with 17 out of 26 episodes or 65% with above-average grades and an overall grade of B-. The CGI work and special f/x were top-notch and were consistently so. The writing remained average with some notable exceptions. The music has much improved. Last season too many episodes reminded me of Voyager. Not so this year.There’s been much improvement in Scott Bakula’s take on Archer. He recites his lines with more conviction but then again he’s had meatier ones this year. Jolene Blalock is performing well as T’Pol. I like the character and again as I said for the first season, they are not overdoing her character as they did Seven of Nine on Voyager which is good as I’d hate to get sick of her. Connor Trinneer is as charming and passionate as ever. I hope the changes in Trip are not set aside as it could add a whole new dimension to the character. I’ve grown quite fond of Dr. Phlox. He has some personality quirks that make him endearing and interesting. I like the fact that he can say no to the Captain when he sees fit. Reed, Mayweather and Sato are not as much in the forefront as the others. I hope there will be more ensemble episodes so that they can be developed more. As to Porthos, I like the little pooch and I hope we get to see him this coming season. Lastly, the addition of the military crew members should make for some interesting character interaction and should help in the character development of the main crew. Imagine Quark for instance if he hadn’t interacted with Nog, Rom, Leeta, Garak, Grand Nagus Zek, Brunt and a host of others and had only had the main crew to interact with. He wouldn’t have been as rich a character as he became on DS9. I just hope they don’t disappear into the background the way the Equinox crew did on Voyager.

The Temporal Cold War is ongoing as is the Vulcan/Andorian arc but I suspect they will be overshadowed by the new mission. This new direction however is very intriguing. There’s a lot of potential here to make this a very good show. The cast is great and the new additions hopefully will add a bit more richness to the characters and the storyline. I do hope that the Expanse is as dangerous as it is touted to be. I hope we see some lasting repercussions to the ship and crew. I do hope they continue the excellent continuity within the series. So far what happens in one episode is not forgotten in subsequent ones and this is great as it makes the storyline so much more complex.

Finally, I can’t wait for season 3. I have a good feeling about it and expect it will be much more action-oriented. I just hope they don’t stop developing the characters and make them two-dimensional as we’ve seen happen so many times when a show is based solely on action shows. I do hope the new storyline will add some originality to the writing. In the end, after 35+ years of Trek, that’s the challenge.

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