ENTERPRISE – Season 3 Review
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the hapless passenger being lead to God knows where and is excellent here in that he shows a great range of emotion from disbelief and desperation at first to calm acceptance to finally fear and defeat when he realizes at the end that he has been fooled into giving away the location of the weapon.”

“Chosen Realm”

From my review: “In a sense, this could be considered a classic Star Trek episode. All the elements are there. There’s the Roddenberrian philosophy that religions cause discord in the world; that superstitions prevent societies from advancing. If you’ve never read Gene Roddenberry’s interview with the Humanist magazine, here’s a link to it: –Originally published in “The Humanist”, March/April 1991. The interview was conducted by David Alexander. It’s an interesting read and is worthwhile if only to get an idea of what Roddenberry thought about religion. He was a Humanist/atheist.”

And: “Some people actually believed that 9/11 was deserved by the US because it’s not religious enough. I don’t know but I think it is a scary thought that anyone would believe such a thing. I loved the last line from Archer: “You thought your religion would bring peace. Here it is.” and we see a destroyed world. I thought that was chilling if only because there are religions where the believers pray for and actually believe that Armageddon will bring peace to the world, that their god will return and that the unbelievers or unfaithful will be destroyed very much like what was said in this episode. How much faith should we put in ancient writings or religious leaders? And some people think Islam a fanatical religion. Very chilling indeed.” This episode made me think and had parallels to today’s world.

“Zero Hour”

In “Harbinger”, Canadians got to see half of Jolene Blalock’s naked backside while Americans only saw her back, blame Janet Jackson I guess. From the review: “So, we have three stories: Archer dealing with a weird, desintegrating alien; a sort of menage a trois with Trip, T’Pol and Corporal Cole and a *too many chiefs, not enough Indians* scenario with Reed and Major Hayes.” We are introduced, sort of, to the Sphere-Builders. I gave it a B+ because it was a fun episode.

“Forgotten” gives us some insight into the Xindi Council and Trip’s long-standing grief over his sister’s death is finally resolved. From the review: “We discover that the Xindi Council wasn’t formed because of some prior rapprochement between the Xindi races but rather was the

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