ENTERPRISE – Season 3 Review
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“Doctor’s Orders”

Chief Engineer Charles “Trip” Tucker III 
Trip has indeed changed. From the review of “Similitude”: “Meanwhile poor Trip has been through a great deal of emotional traumas. He became pregnant in “Unexpected”, he was made to feel responsible for Charles suicide in “Cogenitor”, he has not gotten over the death of his sister and was wanting revenge and now a clone was created and killed so that he could live. That’s a lot of emotional baggage for a person to live with.” Of course in “The Forgotten”, we see that he has resolved his grief over his sister’s death. His relationship with T’Pol has gotten deeper. In “E²”, he even had a son with T’Pol. It will be interesting to see how the two of them fare in season 4.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed 
Not quite as developed as the character should be, Reed is still interesting. He was at odds with Major Hayes but grew to respect him as time went by. He’s a good fighter. In “E²”, he discovered that he would end up alone unless he makes some hasty dating plans. Will this still be in his mind in season 4?

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phlox 
In “E²” he had nine children with *Amanda* although we don’t know if she’s the MACO Trip was giving neuro-pressure treatments to. Needless to say, he’s still ready to procreate and quite prolific at it. He is very loyal to Archer as we saw in “Twilight”. Nothing much else to say other than he remains a fan favorite.

Communications Officer Hoshi Sato 
She’s grown from a scared-of-every-little-sound the ship makes to a brave and strong character. She’s become indispensable to Archer in more ways than one by translating data be it from Degra’s letter to his family to Degra’s data concerning the Spheres and the weapon. Her talents were needed but will they still be needed next season?

Ensign Travis Mayweather 
Alas, very little to say about Travis. He certainly has stopped grinning like he used to in season 1 and 2 which is good. He has been shown to be a good helmsman but again, it doesn’t look like he’ll be featured much in the next season or at least I don’t see how but it is to wait and see. Montgomery is very attractive however. We saw how great a physique he has as when he was sparring with a MACO in “Harbinger”.

Not featured much in this season but the cute, little guy is still there. T’Pol is concerned about him as we saw in “Zero Hour” when she petted him. He is living with Phlox as Archer is not on board.

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