ENTERPRISE – Season 3 Review
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Don’t get me wrong. I like the actors and characters of Enterprise. I just don’t feel compelled to rewatch the episodes. Maybe it’s the writing; maybe it’s that I’m trekked-out, I don’t know.

Enterprise has all the fittings for a great show. The actors are good, the direction is great 9 times out of 10, the f/x are superb, the writing is much improved so what the heck is wrong? Still in the end, I think Enterprise is just not deep enough and the same can be said for Voyager. You’ve seen it once and well, that’s enough. There’s just nothing to re-watch as everything is just there. You know the story and there’s nothing else to wonder about. There’s nothing complicated enough to warrant a second view. The characters just don’t evoke the same feelings. I’ll watch a DS9 episode again even though I know the story if only because I enjoy the banter between the characters. Sometimes I’ll rewatch because I want to clarify something or I’ll rewatch an episode of TNG like “Cause and Effect” because it’s so darn cool. I don’t get this feeling with the latter shows.

That’s not to say I won’t be watching season 4 this fall. I do want to see what that Nazi alien is all about and where the Temporal Cold War fits in. I do like the show still and what the heck, I do like the characters and I want to see them again.

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