Right Occasions to Wear Your Skater Dress

Right Occasions to Wear Your Skater Dress

A skater dress can be sophisticated and feminine. It can be casual and comfortable. This outfit can be whatever you need it to be, for whatever occasion you might need it. This is one of the many reasons why the skater dress has endured over the years. It is so versatile and adaptable that it could never go out of style. 

What sets the skater dress apart from other A-line styles is that it stops above the knee. It was inspired by the flaring skirt of figure skaters, hence the name. It gives the wearer an elegant hourglass silhouette that can compliment any figure. If it cut off a little farther down the leg, it would have looked a little matronly instead. 

If you are like most women who love fashion, chances are your closet has at least one skater dress. And you have most likely wondered if you should wear it at one point or another. To help you get through this tough decision, here are a few tips on where you should wear your skater dress. 

Casual Wear

A skater dress is so comfortable that not wearing it for casual occasions should be punished. It is a perfect outfit for day-to-day activities, especially during summertime. You can choose pastel colours or floral patterns for a cute summer look. Or you can wear a black skater dress paired with either over the knee or flat laced up boots if you are feeling a bit bold. You can layer it with a tanned leather jacket. Put on a few matching accessories to complete the ensemble.  

A high neck skater dress with toned-down colours is also a perfect outfit for a day of shopping or lunch with friends. Accessorize with either flats or heels, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Throw in a long chain, and you are ready to go.  

Formal Events

A black and white skater dress is a safe choice for a formal evening, whether it is a work-related meeting or a party. Switch it up a bit, and the skater outfit would also work for a day in the office. Checkered or striped prints are the latest trends for formal wear, even with the skater dress. 

When it comes to formal events, highlighting your outfit with a belt can enhance your elegant outfit. Put on a pair of pointy heels and a stylish watch, and you have a sophisticated look that will command attention and respect.   

Party Wear 

The versatility of the skater dress is that it knows no bounds. It is not enough that you can wear it for work or while shopping, you can also wear it to parties. The same black dress you can wear for a casual lunch with friends would also work when you go to an event or gathering. Just put on a beautiful choker or a glittering necklace to complement the dress. A pair of heels would do nicely, and you are on your way to turn heads and melt hearts at the party.

 Skating or Skateboarding

We won’t be doing the dress justice if we don’t include this on the list. You can wear the skater dress on days when you are feeling adventurous and would like to go roller-skating or skateboarding. Just put on a solid pair of sneakers to protect your feet. Your skater dress would take care of how you look.    

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