Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds: Which Is the Right One for You

Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds: Which Is the Right One for You

Whether you are redecorating a part of your home or simply looking to change up the shades, finding the perfect blinds can be a challenge nowadays. 

You have come pretty far if you have managed to narrow it down to roman blinds and roller blinds. Since there are tons of options, it’s not very easy to narrow down your choices. 

To see which of the two blinds are perfect for your needs, let’s go over five key points. 


Both types of blinds come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns to make them match the needs of every person.

People mostly go for roller blinds if they are looking to add a simple yet modern piece to their homes. On the other hand, the roman blinds will give you a more traditional yet elegant feeling that is also commonly loved.

It all comes down to the interior designs of your home. You can go online and easily find both roller and roman blinds Canada.

Window Type

Roller and roman blinds also depend on the size of the window you want to cover.

If you have large windows or very small and narrow ones, then you should take a look at a collection of roller blinds. Roman blinds are not really made for large windows, but some rooms can pull it off.


The lighting might be the most critical factor that most people take into account when they are looking into blinds. 

They might want to have full blackout shades in their bedroom to make it easier for them to sleep during the days, and they may also need some blinds for the living room that allow some light through.

Both the blinds, roman and roller, offer you the solution to completely blackout the rooms during the day or allow a little light through. It all depends on the type of material you pick for the blinds. If you do get the ones that completely blackout a room, you can just roll them up a little bit to allow some light in when you want it. 


Privacy is another major factor many people consider, and it’s directly related to the lighting. 

You can pick roman or roller blinds that offer complete privacy when you go for the ones that completely blackout the room. If light can’t pass through, then peeping eyes will most certainly not be able to see anything either. 


When it comes to having the right level of insulation for your homes to save energy, you should look into getting roller blinds. Some roller blinds can trap air in between their pockets, which are like insulators. 

The roman blinds aren’t far behind on insulation, which is why you should not dismiss them at all. If you think that roman blinds are better suited for your home, then you can get them, and they will offer a minimal level of insulation. If you want even more, then you can look into interlining them. 

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