romulan   The Romulans

The Romulans are a race from the twin home-worlds Romulus and Remus in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulans are a secretive people who were originally part of the Vulcan race.

The Romulan Star Empire was founded around two thousand years ago by a group of dissident Vulcans who did not adhere to the Vulcan teachings of logic and reason. Unlike their Vulcan cousins, the Romulans remained a passionate people with an absolute certainty of right and wrong, who is a friend and who is an enemy.

Romulans are not as violent as many Federation enemies such as the Jem’Hadar and frequently try to learn more about their enemies before making the first move in a hostile situation. The Romulans aren’t as openly aggressive as the Klingons or as passive as the Vulcans, instead attempting to keep themselves and their technology hidden from their enemies.

The Romulan Empire has a long history of conflict with other major powers, interrupted by periods of almost isolation. Their empire has grown and expanded largely through war and conquest of its neighbours. While the Romulans possess strong emotions, they seem to be utterly devoid of any empathy for those they subjugate. For all these excesses, the Romulans are still considered to be a highly honourable people by friend and foe alike.

First encountered almost two centuries ago, the Romulans have been a persistent thorn in the side of the Federation, with a neutral zone set up between the two superpowers established in the Treaty of Algeron separating the two territories. This one light year size buffer zone remained secure for decades until 2266 when a Romulan Warbird crosses as a test of Federation resolve.

Romulans pride themselves on their intellect and may have contributed towards the dissolution of their short alliance with Klingons, whom they see as being too barbaric. During this alliance, an exchange of technology and starship designs occur that benefit both races, especially the Klingons, who obtain basic cloaking technology and the design for the Bird-of-Prey.

As with the Cardassian Obsidian Order, the Romulans also have a secret unit for intelligence gathering and covert operations. Known as the Tal Shiar, they are one of the most ruthless organisations in the quadrant and inspire fear in all Romulans. The Tal Shiar embark on a futile mission with the Obsidian Order to destroy the Dominion in the Gamma quadrant. This mission severely weakens the elite unit and leaves the Empire vulnerable to attack.


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