Essence of Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems

Essence of Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems

September 22 is considered World Rose Day, which is why we couldn’t help but discuss the essence of this flower. From gifting bouquets to dedicating roses are red violets are blue poems, the significance of this flower is unparallel.

If you still haven’t gifted someone a rose today you might want to grab a bunch and do so. If you don’t have the time, check out the quotes we add here and dedicate them to the people you love. Let it be a small homework for you, to memorize these words for the beloved person.

World Rose Day is not only about gifting roses to people you love, but also to the ones suffering from cancer. It is a day of awareness about this disease and people present handmade cards, gifts, and roses to cancer patients on this day.

Many places organize special events to give them strength and make them feel loved. Roses are a symbol of love, concern, and tenderness. When you gift it to someone fighting with cancer, they do not feel alone.

Why is World Rose Day celebrated?

The event of World Rose Day is celebrated in the memory of a 12-year-old girl called Melinda Rose from Canada who had Askin Tumor. The tumor was a rare type of blood cancer which led to her death.

Melinda Rose had a small life but she touched many hearts and gave them hope of survival. During the last six months of her life, she fought the battle every day but made them count. She was full of positivity and it reflected among others.

Melinda would write emails, letters, and poems to bring joy in other’s lives. The small girl had an amazing human spirit and zest to live. Her spirit became unforgettable and this day is dedicated to her and many other cancer patients who fought the disease with bravery.

Melinda touched people’s heart and today as we discuss some of the best roses red violets are blue poems, we cannot help but remember her spirit. It is time you dedicate your day for cancer surviving or fighting patient to bring out the Melinda in them. You can also dedicate them to your loved ones.

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Best roses are red violets are blue poems

Here is a list of the best roses are red violets are blue poems that you can dedicate to the people you love and care for:

Poem on friendship

Friends are families we get to choose, so on this special day, you must acknowledge the friends who have always been there for you. Share this image or quote with friends who mean the most. Tell them how you feel about them because we don’t often do that, do we? Appreciating our friends not only make them feel special but they also important and loved. Take out time to tell them your feeling and make them feel belonged.

Essence of Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems
Image: Pinterest

Funny poem

If you want to tell your friend, relative, sibling, cousin, or anyone close to you, how you feel about them, you don’t have to be serious. You can simply share one of the funny roses are red violets are blue poems and they will understand you. When you read this one, you’d think about one person who you can send it to. This person not only has your back during tough times and is also someone you can laugh with.

Essence of Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems
Image: Pinterest

Intense love poem

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice – F Scott Fitzgerald
If you’re willing to express this quote to someone you love but use the roses are red violets are blue poem, you know what to dedicate. The poems below expresses the quote above and justify both the statements.

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Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day might be months away, but you might want to save a poem to dedicate it to your partner on that day. The poem below shows how you call her sweet as sugar and then express how much you love her. This is the perfect poem to make anyone blush and you can make her smile even through texts messages!

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Best friend poem

Our best friends are partners that we don’t always need much to say to. They are people who understand us the most – sometimes more than our family or spouse. If you’re going short of words or hesitating to say, “I Love You” to your friend, you can always use this poem. It is one of the simplest roses are red violets are blue poems that says all that you need to!

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Bible verse poem

John 3:16 is a famous verse from the Holy Bible that states that God loved the world so much that he sacrificed his only Son, Jesus, for us. And that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life. If you want to remind someone to read the Bible or tell them how much God loves them, this poem will help you.

Roses are red violets are blue
Image: Pinterest

When you forget the flowers

If you forgot to buy flowers for your loved on the World Rose Day, but you want to make it up to them, the poem below can do the trick. It lets you call your partner a flower and that having her is much better than buying roses. When you call your partner a flower, we’re pretty sure she’ll melt and forgive you.

Image; Pinterest

The World poem

If you want to tell someone how much they mean to you, this quote can work. Telling someone how much they make the world a better place by existing is one of the nicest things to say. You can say it to your mother, sibling, partner, or friend. They are definitely going to feel special and loved.

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These were some of the best poems that you can share with the people you love and get love back in return. These will make them feel special and you will also get to hear kind words in return. Make sure you share the poems right away and also try and gift roses to people often – you don’t always need an occasion to do that!

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