By Anna Kandula
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Columbus was patrolling its part of space. There weren’t any changes. All fourteen members of the crew were bored. They knew they wouldn’t find anything, but scanning was their duty. Nothing changed for last few months, the stars looked all the same and the reports from other posts were casual – “no changes” – that was all…

Captain Mitag went on a bridge. He signed a report that yeoman gave him and sat in a captain chair. He took a look at the screen before him. Stars. Just the stars.

“Captain,” said First Officer, “meteorite zone.” “On the screen,” answered Mitag.

He saw lots of small space stones. “Their size – from 2 to 5 meters,” kept reporting First. “But there is one exception.”

The captain looked at him with question in his eyes. “Diameter about 20 kilometres.” “What did you say?” said incredulously Mitag. “20 kilometres.” “Where are these meteorites going?” “Checking…” First slowly raised his head and looked at the captain with dread in his eyes “…they are going towards Earth.” Mitag was staring at him for a moment. “Please state precisely.” After a few seconds First said: “Atlantic Ocean. North part. If nothing stops this giant thing it will hit our Earth…” he spoke with a break in his voice. “Is there a chance we are wrong?” there was a hope in Mitag’s voice. “I’m afraid there isn’t.” “Maybe another planet of Solar System would stop the meteorite?… Or change its direction…” “Checking… No,” answered First. “Establish contact with the Federation Headquarters,” said the captain to a communication officer.

Captain Kirk wasn’t delighted when he was listening to a new order. They wanted him to go to the space and to change the course of some meteorite. Headquarters didn’t want to understand that Enterprise was just coming back from very exhausting expedition and the whole crew needs a vacation – even short one. They insisted. Enterprise was the fastest vessel and their weapon was the best for this mission. Kirk’s opinion was different.

“It’s just a meteorite,” he said with a grief to the doctor, “why do we have to roam in the space just to crack it! Every other ship would do that.” “On the other hand,” answered Bones, “it’s better that they want us to do this. It may destroy our beloved Earth. I want to be sure this mission will be accomplished. Do they want us to crack it?” “Actually they want us to change its course. It’s too big to be cracked.”

Bones nodded his head and smiled and Kirk went to the bridge. He sat in his chair and gave an order: “Mr. Chekov, calculate a course towards the meteorite. Mr. Spock will give you the exact data.”

Chekov turned around and took a look of surprise at the captain.

“Are we going somewhere???”

“Unfortunately,” sadly smiled Kirk.

The ensign executed the order.


“Warp 2,” ordered the captain.

Spock turned in his chair and looked at Kirk. He kept looking for some time before the captain noticed that.

“Well? What’s wrong?”

Spock didn’t say anything. He got up and left the bridge. Kirk wanted to follow him but it wouldn’t be right to leave the bridge without any care just to ask your Science Officer why he was looking this way. He knew very well that he couldn’t send McCoy to Spock, because doctor wouldn’t learn anything and they would only start next fight. Kirk closed his eyes. He needed a rest very much. A vacation in home Iowa. But on the other hand it wouldn’t be perfect rest – somewhere there was the giant meteorite and someone, some captain would have to save the Earth. And maybe he couldn’t accomplish his mission… Kirk smiled at himself. It seems it’s good that Enterprise has to do it. Kirk didn’t trust anyone more than himself. Bones was right… again…

He couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Mr. Scott, please take the command on the bridge,” he said and went to the turbolift.

He went to a Spock quarters. He knocked and went in. Vulcan was laying on his bed with his hands under his head.

“What’s wrong, Spock? I know you and I can see you have a problem so don’t tell me you don’t.” “I do not think we are able to change the course of the meteorite. Our phasers have not enough power.” “How can you know it?” “Calculations,” answered simply Spock. “Why didn’t anyone notice that earlier? Why did they send us to accomplish a mission that can’t be accomplished?” “People usually try to do things that cannot be done nor finished. I believe it is called hope.” “Spock, this meteorite is going to destroy north part of the Earth!” “I realise that,” said Spock looking at the ceiling. “Yeah, I can see that,” growled with resignation Kirk.

He knew very well his First Officer and he knew Spock was as much perturbed as anyone else but he didn’t show that. Probably he wouldn’t admit that even to himself. That was his way.

“It would be better if you would get back to the bridge,” said Spock after a few minutes of silence.

“Yes,” muttered Kirk, “you’re right…”

He turned around and went towards the turbolift. Spock was almost always right. But if he could be wrong just once it should be this time.

He entered the bridge. Scotty immediately left Kirk’s chair and sat at his.

“Warp 5,” ordered the captain. “When will we arrive to the meteorite zone?” “In…” Sulu took a look at his desktop, “two days and seven ours.” “Good. Keep warp 5.” “Aya sir.”

Kirk got up and went to his quarters. He lay down on his bed and put his hands under his head just like Spock. Two days of uncertainty. And what if Spock is right? Is there any other way to stop this giant space rock that goes straight to the Earth?… He fell asleep.

Bones woke him up. He was standing by the door with a salver in his hands.

“Do you realise you haven’t been eating for many hours?” “I’m not hungry.” “I don’t care. I brought you a supper. And you will eat it. It’s doctor’s prescription.” “All right, all right, just stop grumble.” “What’s wrong?” asked uneasy McCoy. “Spock says we are not able to change the course of the meteorite.”

Bones didn’t say anything. He was looking before him, lost in thoughts.

“That green-blooded sharp-ear guy is hardly ever wrong,” he said slowly. “And that is what upsets me. What if he’s right? I’m asking myself all the time and I can’t find any answer.”

Everyone was on the bridge. Kirk felt that the whole crew knows that they aren’t able to do anything with the meteorite. Their phasers were too weak.

There was a huge rock on the screen and there were lots of small – in comparison with it – stones around. It was rotating in a space. It was closing.

“Armed, one hundred per cent,” said Chekov. “Scotty, how long will our phasers stand?” asked Kirk. “I don’t know, sir, but I’m afraid they can be overloaded very quickly. We didn’t repair damages after last mission.” “Yes, I know, Mr. Scott. Mr. Chekov, lock phasers at the meteorite.” “Aya, captain.” “At my command, phazer batteries first and forth… fire!”

Everyone heard sound typical for shooting phasers. Strong ray of phasers hit the meteorite. Space rock didn’t react.

“Phazer batteries first, second and forth.”


“All batteries!”

“Captain,” Scotty knit his brows, “we might break up.”

Kirk looked at him in anger.


The phasers didn’t damage the meteorite. It still was on its way to the Earth.

“Once more time!”


“Again. Until something happens! Find a weak point of that rock!”

“Captain,” Spock came to Kirk’s chair, “it makes no sense. We would damage the ship. We do not have enough power to change its course. We just waste our energy. It is logical to stop these desperate activity and stop wasting the energy.”

Kirk was mad. He looked angrily at Spock.

“This thing is going to kill people on the Earth and you keep talking about some energy!!”

Spock was just looking.

McCoy entered the bridge.

“And?” he asked with a hope in his voice.

No one answered. Everyone was looking at Kirk. Kirk was looking at Spock. Ten he took a look at the screen. He was waiting for a miracle but no miracle came. He helplessly looked around and said quietly: “We’re going back. Uhura, sent a message to the Starfleet Federation. We failed. ”

“Course?” asked Sulu.

“Anywhere… Where we came from… No. Earth. Warp 2.”

“Warp 2.”

Kirk looked at Spock.

“What now?”

“We have to think about alternative.”

“Alternative? What alternative?!” shouted Bones.

“There always is some alternative, doctor.”

“You are so calm and quiet and towards Earth goes giant meteorite… I guess you feel satisfaction. You were right, as always.”

“The fact I was right does not change anything. Nor does you anger.”

“Stop fighting,” Kirk disturbed them, “better find these… alternatives.”

“What alternatives?!” asked Bones.


“There are many M class planets in galaxy,” said Spock. “All of them could be a place to displace to.”

“And what? Start everything from the beginning? All the cities, all the technique…” McCoy was indignant.

“With all respect, do not exaggerate, doctor. Earth technique is not something that could not be re-created.”

“You don’t have heart, Spock. You’ve got green stone in your chest just like the one that goes over there,” he pointed the screen.

“Spock, get back to your stand. Bones, go to the sickbay. I’m sick of your screaming.”

Both officers did what their captain ordered. Kirk sighed. He was blankly staring at the space.

“Message from the Starfleet,” said Uhura. “They ordered to go to Vulcan.”

“What for?”

“For ambassador Sarek.”

“What?” Kirk was surprised.

“He is going to take command in displacing people on… Vulcan,” finished amazed Uhura.

The captain was looking at her for a moment and then he glanced at Spock.

“They knew it. They knew it from the beginning. They knew it and long time ago decided what to do with that.”

“That is logical.”

“So why did they send us here?”

“It was also logical to try every possible chance to stop the meteorite. This one failed.”

“Ah… be happy, you’re going home.”

Spock’s brows went up.

“That is the fact therefore I do not understand what should make me happy.”

Kirk gave up. He put his chin at his fist and looked at the screen before him.

Enterprise got into the Vulcan orbit. There wasn’t much time so Sarek beamed up very soon.

“Welcome on the ship, ambassador,” Kirk was waiting for him in the transporter room.

“Thank you,” answered Sarek, calm and cultural as always.

“I’ll take you to your quarters.”

“Thank you, but I would like to go on the bridge. I think it will be much more interesting place.”

“As you wish. After you.”

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Kirk followed Sarek. When they left the turbolift captain took his seat and Vulcan looked around. He took a short look at his son but didn’t do anything just like it was a stranger. Then he approached the captain’s chair.

“Ambassador, when actually it was decided to displace people?”

“Just when you left the base. Headquarters discovered the meteorite is too big to change its course so they started to look for other solutions.”

“But Vulcan?”

“Terrans do not want to send all people to uninhabited planets without any civilisation. Most of the people will be sent to Federation planets. Some of they will live on Vulcan but not many. As you know our gravity is higher from yours and our air is hotter and thinner. It is not healthy for you.”

“But for Vulcan is quite nice,” smiled Kirk. “A Vulcan is much stronger in our conditions.”

“Yes,” said Sarek.

There was a silence during a dinner. Sarek was sitting at Kirk’s place, Kirk was sitting from the right at Spock’s place and next to him Bones, Scotty and a few other officers. On the other side of the ambassador there was Spock. Kirk was observing father and son. They were eating not talking to each other. Kirk didn’t remember them talking even once from Sarek’s arriving. He could never understand Vulcans.

Bones was eating silently. He was angry. After the tiff with Spock he was walking in the sickbay a bit irritated and he appeared at the dinner in such mood.

Something rumbled in pipes.

“It sound like Banshi screaming,” said Scotty.

“What is Banshi?” asked Kirk happy that someone broke this almost scary silence.

“There is a legend. Old Celtic legend. Banshi’s screaming means that someone will die soon.” “Does she kill with her screaming?” asked Uhura.

“No. She just foretells death. She sees someone’s death and she can’t stand this view so she screams. And after that someone really dies in the way Banshi had seen.”

“This Banshi, it is a woman?” Uhura was really interested in the story.

“Yes. Long time ago there was a woman that had beautiful hair. She married and had a daughter. And she used to spend her whole day brushing her hair. Some evening she was so busy with her hair that she didn’t hear her daughter’s scream. The girl fell into a river. And she got drowned because her mother didn’t help her. And a clan that the woman belonged to anathematised her. She sees deaths of people that will soon arrive. And then she screams. And her daughter also is anathematised. And for years they are foretelling deaths.”

“Is there any Banshi that saves the world?” asked Bones.

“Not amongst Scottish legends,” answered Scotty.

“Too bad…”

“Well, you could look for it amongst other legends,” smiled Kirk.

“There is one legend or actually a tale. It is Russian. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote it. It’s about Goldfish that grants three wishes. ”

“Ah, I would love to have such fish…” sighed Bones. “I would have one wish for it.”

“There is a legend about granting wishes on Vulcan too,” suddenly said Sarek. “A legend about Sanaan. It is very old.”

“Parents tell it to their children as a warning to teach them auto-discipline,” broke in Spock.

Sarek took a look at Spock and continued:

“As I said it is very old. It has two thousand years. It is as old as our culture. It appeared at the Time Of Awakening. Our planet was torn by horrible wars and Vulcans decided to finish that terror…”

“Getting rid of emotions was the only way,” Spock broke in again.

“Surak the Great Philosopher was the one that started present Vulcan civilisation. Every Vulcan had to learn to restrain all his and her emotions. Almost everyone accepted that. Everyone except those who left Vulcan – we call them Romulans now – and one priestess. Her name was Sanaan.” “What priestess? What kind of priestess?” asked Kirk.

“Some Vulcan women were a bit different. They were born different. They were extraordinary beautiful and they smelled amazing and all that had a giant influence on every Vulcan man. No one could oppose them but if a man was in love with other woman the priestesses had no power over them. It was making them very angry and mad. They wanted to be revenged on those men and women. Sanaan didn’t want to resign that and she did not agree to do so. She was not able to do so…” “You can realise what Vulcans were before like,” said Spock.

“… she was not able and she did not want to do so. No one could make her change her mind so they drove her away. She could not leave with Romulans because the priestesses were isolated for their protection – you must remember that the planet was still on war – and they did not know anything about civilisation and outer space. Sanaan was anathematised…”

“She had to grant one wish for one hundred years.”

“… she had to live forever. In addition – if any Vulcan would come to her and ask about anything she could not refuse his wish. She was able to do everything, she was the priestess. She had to grant a wish…”

“But just once in one hundred years.”

“… she settled in rocks…”


“Stop cutting me off, Spock,” Sarek didn’t even raise his voice. “In a cave. It is just a legend but they say Sanaan granted already a few wishes.”

“Actually this is also a legend.”

“Yes it is. It was all long time ago.” “Is it possible to find this cave?” asked Kirk.

“There is very detailed description of that place in the legend.”

“Do you know it enough well to find it?”

“What for?” – Spock’s eyebrows went up.

“It seems that no one asked her a wish for last hundred years. And it seems she has a free wish for this hundred years.” “It is just the legend,” said Sarek.

“Vulcan mysticism is full of such legends and most of them are the truth. I want to try. I don’t have anything to loose.”

They lapsed into silence. Both Vulcans were looking at the captain with incredulity in their eyes. Then they looked at each other. And again at Kirk. None of them said anything.

“You, ambassador, need to go on Earth but Spock could help us and find this cave.”

Vulcans still didn’t react, they were just looking.

“If you have better ideas I’m listening!” irritated Kirk.

“It is just the legend,” repeated Spock once more.

“Two of your legends appeared to be the truth. Why this one can’t be?”

“What is this irritation for?”

“It not your home will be destroyed soon, Spock. Yours will stay in its place, mine won’t. I want to try everything what I find. I guess you called it hope not so long time ago.”

“Now I would call it desperation.” “Would you find this… what was her name?” “Sanaan,” prompted Sarek.

“…Sanaan or not?”

Spock took a look at his father. Sarek just shrugged his shoulders.

“You go to look for legends, I will displace people to Vulcan.”

“If this will reassure you I believe we can try,” Spock gave up.

Kirk smiled.

“We will take the ambassador on the Earth and come back on the Vulcan,” he decided.

“People are strange,” said Sarek. Spock just nodded his head. Everyone except Vulcans started to laugh.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” asked Spock entering Kirk’s quarters. “You mean checking the legend?”

Vulcan nodded his head.

“Well, at the beginning it was just impulse, then I thought it was stupid idea but now I’m getting to ascertain it may work. The tale about Goldfish is a fantasy but who knows your legends…”

Spock’s face was inscrutable. The intercom whistled.

“Kirk here. What’s up?” asked the captain.

“Sir,” he heard Uhura’s voice, “we’re closing to Vulcan.”

“I’m on my way.”

He got up and stretched his limbs.

“The hour of the truth approaches.”

Spock’s brow went up. They left.

A few people beamed down at Vulcan: Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov and Bones. No one wanted to wait inactive for any results, everyone wanted to be a witness of the things that were going to happen. Bones was afraid that there won’t be anything that they could be witnesses for.

They were beamed close to a place where probably was Sanaan’s cave. It was a sort of tableland with lots of bigger or smaller rocks. Spock was standing for a while looking around carefully. He was trying to deduce which direction he should go.

“If you had any intuition I would advise you to follow it,” said Bones. He made a wry mouth.

“I believe logic is enough.”

“Well, is it? Do you know where we should go?”

“I believe I do,” Spock moved on towards sunset. Everyone followed him without any questions.

Every dozen or so minutes Spock was stopping and trying to recall all details from the legend. Kirk was surprised by Vulcans precision – even their legends were so detailed that they could find places that were in these stories.

The ground was changing. The farther they were going to west the more rocks were appearing.

“If someone notices a cave let us know,” said Kirk.

Suddenly Spock stopped.

“What happened?,” asked Sulu.

“The place had changed a lot from the last time it was described.”

“Last time? What does it mean?”

“Histories of granted wishes are today part of the legend.”

“Aah,” mumbled Sulu.

Vulcan was still looking around. Then he quickly moved towards southwest, but more towards the south.

“Spock,” shouted Bones “slow down. Vulcan’s thin atmosphere gives us a crushing blow.”

Spock did what McCoy asked for. They were already walking for a long time and everyone started to doubt that there is any priestess. But Vulcan was with every minute more curious. He wanted to find the rock and the cave. He didn’t know if he wanted to prove Kirk how his fad illogical is or to learn if somewhere there Sanaan really exists. He knew she did in the past – she was a part of Vulcan history.

Suddenly he stopped. The whole group saw quite big rock mountain. Its walls looked a bit like stairs. Above one of the steps there was a hole that could be an entrance to the inside of the mountain.

“‘And above the stair doors show the way to her. Call and ask'” said Spock.

“Gee, what did he say?” mumbled Bones.

Spock stood just before the rock and raised his head. The entrance was high but before it there was something like a small platform that could be a kind of step.

“I believe it is here” he said.

“You believe?” irritated Kirk. The closer was to check the authenticity of the legend the more nervous he was.

“I cannot be sure for sure.”

“OK. OK. What now?”

“Everyone back, please. Priestesses were living in isolation so they did not know much about the world. It was for their protection. I mean by that that she does not know creatures outside Vulcan. She also does not speak English so if she exists you will not understand her.

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“OK. Just start. I can’t stand this waiting.”

Kirk took everyone behind the small rocks nearby. They hid in there carefully observing Spock. Spock stood a few metres from the rock wall, raised his hand in Vulcan sign and froze in this position. He was trying to make a telepathic call. He felt like he was looking for something in darkness. He didn’t even know if she existed. He felt uncomfortable… He felt… that was strange already…

Czego chcesz?1

Voice came from the platform. Spock raised his head. Before the cave there was standing a Vulcan. She wore long white tunic with big rounded collar that was standing behind her neck. Her hands were hidden in long wide sleeves. She had long pointed ears and black diagonal eyebrows. Black hair were shiny and long and hidden in the big collar, her fringe was cut just above her eyebrows. Her skin was much greener than Spock’s. She had big black eyes that were parallel to her brows. She was beautiful both for Vulcan and for Terran.

“She so pretty. I don’t blame her she didn’t want to live in the world without emotions. She would loose all the admiration,” whispered Bones.

“Tc,” hissed Kirk. But he understood doctor very well.

Przychodgzz prob!2 – said Spock loudly. His Vulcan ears heard the wispering behind the rocks and he hoped Sanaan’s didn’t. He was wrong.

Przychodgzz prob?3 – she asked looking around.

To nie ma znaczenia.4 – answered quietly Spock.

Ma!5 – shouted fervently Sanaan. She calmed down immidiately. – Czego chcesz?6

Na niebie jest meteoryt Pdzi w kierunku zamieszkaej planety Trzeba go zniszczy.7

Zamieszkaej planety??8 – she asked surprised. – Nie rozumiem.9

Jest duo planet podobnych do Vulcana Jedna jest zagroona.10

She was looking at Spock very curiously. Her face was haughty at the beginning but later it changed to curious baby’s face.



A kto ty?13 – she asked suddenly like she would just notice him.

“That’s amazing,” whispered Bones.

Spock syn Sareka.14

Aaa15 – smiled Sanaan. – Czego chcesz?16 – she asked one more time.

Zniszcz meteor Moesz to zrobi Odszukaj go i zniszcz.17


She moved back a few steps and Spock couldn’t see her. After a moment she appeared just before him. She was taller. She smelled very strong and her smell was duping Spock. He reeled a bit. He didn’t understand what was happening to him but his scientific brain was working. He could see all the differences between modern Vulcans and those that used to live two thousand years ago. All her bones were longer – that’s why she was taller. She had also longer ears, brows and eyes. Her skin was much much greener and her irises were deep black. She looked just like at the old pictures. Spock looking through them was always thinking that the pictures were exaggerated to show ancient Vulcan’s demoniac.

She was demoniac. She was so close and Spock’s brain didn’t want to be logic any longer. This feeling was so familiar to pon farr.

Gdzie meteor?19 She asked but Spock didn’t hear her. His green blood boiled – Gdzie?20 – she repeated.

She kept looking at him for a moment and then she smiled with satisfaction. She ran around him a few times laughing loudly. It looked a bit like ritual dance. Then she stopped suddenly.

Gdzie? Powiedz. Sama nie wiem.21

Spock didn’t react. He was almost unconscious. His logical brain couldn’t stand the contact with ancient Vulcan priestess. He couldn’t cope with her influence. She understood that – she stood before him and she touched his head with her hand. She closed her eyes. She couldn’t learn anything even straight from his head; there was just mess and chaos. She tried to calm him down. It failed. She irritated and ran away with an angry scream. But after short moment she came back with a grasping smile. She grabbed his hand and gently touched his fingers. She was standing very close to him, she reclined her forehead on his. She had to relieve the intensity. She knew very well how to do that, she was born to do that.

Spock’s thoughts calmed down a bit. Sanaan grabbed his head. They were standing like that for a few minutes and then she gently pushed him. She raised her hands up and she assumed a pose like she was carrying something very long. She was singing all the time so quiet that even Spock who was standing next to her couldn’t understand the words. Suddenly she threw her hand like she was throwing something away, she screamed and fell down.

Spock shook his head and awoke. He kneeled down. She was unconsciousness. He called the people hidden behind the rocks.

“I do not know if she is finished but I do not think she would do anything else,” he said.

Bones kneeled down by laying Vulcan and examined her.

“She’s very weak but she’s OK. I think we should take her to more appropriate place. Maybe over there at this thing which looks like grass…” he said.

“She’s horrible heavy,” complained Chekov who was carrying her with Sulu.

“It is fascinating how Vulcans changed from her times.”

“Spock, how is it possible that she is still alive?” asked McCoy.

“It is the curse.”

“But how does it work?”

“I do not know. Vulcans forgot this knowledge. I do not believe it is written down and kept somewhere.”

Kirk’s communicator whistled.

“Kirk here.”

“Captain,” he heard Uhura’s voice, “I received the message from Starfleet. The meteorite had blown out. They say it looked like it exploded from the inside.”

“Wonderful, wonderful!”

He disconnected. Everyone was laughing. Only Spock was watching unconsciousness Sanaan lost in his thoughts.

“How long will she be lying like this?” Kirk asked doctor.

“I have no idea. All this magic exhausted her.”


“She is a mystery for me just like for you.”

“You didn’t expect her to exist, did you?” – Kirk smiled.

“Affirmative. Lots of Vulcan legends and customs are a rest after past brutal times that were long ago…”

“Like pon farr,” broke in Bones.

“… but I would not expect many of them to be true. It is illogical.”

“Well, I agree,” said McCoy and Kirk looked at him surprised.

“Now you both agree, ah?”

“Well… The truth is it is not possible… logic as calls it Spock,” Bones bowed towards Vulcan, “…it is not possible but she is still alive. For two thousand years. But she is alive anyway. It’s amazing. It seems Vulcan curses have more power than Earth’s.”

Kirk laughed.

Sanaan moved a bit. She touched her forehead with her hand and slowly sat. She shook her head and opened her eyes. She looked around. When she saw people she got up and screamed wildly. She hid behind Spock. She was watching Terrans for a while and then she slowly and shyly approached Kirk. She grabbed his hair and bent his head back. With the other hand she touched his brow. She released him, approached McCoy and started to contemplate his ears.

Jakie okrpgie.22 – she said laughing. – Jakie okrpgie.23

“It’s amazing,” said the doctor. “Her mind is developed but on the other hand it’s childish. She’s… am… uneducated, that’s how I’d call it.”

“I cannot explain that I am afraid but I have a few theories,” said Spock. “I would have to examine her legend… history,” he corrected himself.

Sanaan kept studying Terran’s physiognomy. She stopped by Sulu and Chekov. She was comparing their eyes and their skin colours.

Skd oni s?24 – she asked Spock.

Z Ziemi To planeta w U kadzie S onecznym.25

Ale oni sj rss ni!26

Takg Ludzie na Ziemi dziels siw na rasyr Rrnir sig koloremf wyst fpujf mifdzy nimi drobne rggnice w wyglffdzie ale poza tym sh identyczni.27


She moved back a few steps. She was watching the Enterprise crew with a bit inclined head.

To ich planeta miaza umrzezz?29


To midof he nie umrzej Sj mili.31

Spock’s left eyebrow went up.

“What did she say?” asked Kirk when he saw Spock’s face.

“She said you are nice and she is happy she saved your planet.”

“Tell her that she’s nice too. And we thank her. And… she’s beautiful.”

Spock looked at Sanaan and emitted a few strange sounds. Vulcan approached Kirk and took his head in her hands. Then she put her fingers at his cheek and the captain felt unusual. Sanaan’s mind united with his. Kirk saw what she had seen, what she had lived. She wanted to communicate with him but her mind wasn’t so disciplined as Spock’s or other modern Vulcan was so she gave Kirk some of her memoirs. The captain was looking before him scared. She realised what was happening so she apologised and let him go.

Kirk took a look at Spock: “You were monsters… I’m not surprised you got rid of all emotions… Your history… it’s only horror. How come you survived it!!” he was trembling.

Sanaan was looking at him scared.

Nie chciau am go skrzywdzij.32

“So horrible…” Kirk shook his head. “Spock, Vulcans used to be brutal monsters.”

“Yes,” answered shortly Spock.

The captain looked at Sanaan.

“Why did she show me that?”

“She did not want to. She does not control her mind. She is sorry you had seen it.”

“Tell her I’m not angry,” Kirk looked at Vulcan and warmly smiled. He looked around. “Time to go home…” he said quietly. He turned the communicator on and said – Scotty, beam us up.

1What do you want?
2I came with a request.
3What is that?
4It has no meaning.
5Yes it has.
6What do you want?
7There is a meteorite at the sky. It goes towards inhabited planet. It must be destroyed.
8Inhabited planet?
9I do not understand.
10There are many planets like Vulcan. And one of them is in danger.
11Tell me
13Who are you?
14Spock, son of Sarek.
16What do you want?
17Destroy the meteorite. You can do that. Find it and destroy.
19Where is the meteorite?
21Where? Tell me. I do not know.
22How round
23How round!
24Where are they from?
25From the Earth. It is a planet in Solar System.
26But they are different!
27Yes. People are divided on races. They have different colour, there are some other differences but they all the same anyway.
29It was their planet? The one that was going to die?
31It is nice it didn’t. They are nice. 
32I did not want to hurt him.

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