The Next Generation — Sketch Book: The Movies by John Eaves and J.M. Dillard
Pass the torch. Bring together the best of what has come before and the grandeur of the present to create an undreamed-of future, a radically different look. Create a new ship. Give life to mankind’s greatest nighare, made flesh and metal. When the decision was made to take the hugely successful television series Star Trek: The Next Generation into the realm of motion pictures, the crew, special-effects artists, and costume and makeup designers knew that they had a wondrous opportunity and several unique challenges ahead. Could they translate this new crew to the big screen, while retaining the magic that made the series one of the most successful syndicated shows ever? Could they create even more “strange new worlds” and vistas for them to explore, on a scale that would inspire awe in its legion of fans? And, most crucially, in its maiden voyage could they meld the two “generations” of Star Trek? Could they find a way, visually, to pass the baton from The Original Series to the crew of The Next Generation? Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook — The Movies explores the hectic, frantic and creative works of the movie artists … first, as they valiantly endeavor to meet and overcome the challenges presented by Star Trek Generations, and then as they embark on the massive undertaking of The Next Generation crew’s first solo flight, Star Trek, First Contact. The inception of the nexus, the destruction of a starship, the horrific face of the Borg, and the design of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E all began with a single creative spark.

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