Star Trek Science Logs by Andre Bormanis
Transporters. Phasers. Vulcan mind melds. Isolinear chips. Bioneural gel packs. Changelings. Wormholes. Electroplasma system conduits.

If you have ever watched a Star Trek television episode or movie, you’ve heard many words and phrases like these. Over its long history, the Star Trek universe has taken us to undreamed of worlds, employing scientific concepts that often sounded like complete fantasy. After all, a six-foot-tall humanoid couldn’t possibly change into a four-pound bird. Or could he…?

Star Trek Science Logs separates the fact from the fantasy. As science advisor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, Andre Bormanis is the man to whom the writers and directors turn every day when they want to make their “future science” as plausible and as comprehensible as possible. And Bormanis would know: he holds degrees in physics and space policy, has conducted research and policy analysis for NASA, and has worked with many top scientists in the fields of astronomy and space science. If there is a way to explain warp drive or make a VISOR feasible, Andre will find it.

Now you too can benefit from Bormanis’ vast knowledge. From fuzzy logic to Heisenberg compensators, it’s all in here: clear, concise, entertaining and 100 percent true (well, almost). With the best of Starfleet — Commander Spock, Jadzia Dax, Harry Kim, Data and others — accompanying Bormanis as your guides, get ready to embark on a bold journey across the limitless boundaries of science fact.

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