Star Trek Encyclopedia – Revised by Michael & Denise Okuda
The future just got bigger! Beam aboard a completely revised edition of the definitive reference book for all Star Trek fans! For the first time, this updated and expanded encyclopedia brings together all four incarnations of the entire ongoing Star Trek phenomenon: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek Voyager.

More than thirty years of imaginative Star Trek adventures have been recorded, including eight feature films, with new episodes appearing every year. Now this bestselling compendium has been enlarged to include every fact, figure, and detail of the every expanding Star Trek universe.

Meticulously researched and helpfully cross-referenced, this new edition features more than 2,000 photos — now in full color — and all new diagrams and illustrations created especially for this volume.

Contains information on: Main and supporting characters Alien races Planets and stars Weapons Medical Equipment “Inside Gags”

Contains informative illustrations of: Starships Props Phasers Uniform Emblems Technology and more!

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