Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts by Michael Westmore, Alan Sims, Brad Look, and William J. BirnesCreate your own make-up and props!

Phaser. Klingon. Warp Core.

Words on paper. Without the resourceful, innovative, almost magical talents of the untold hundreds of behind-the-scenespeople who have worked on Star Trek those and countless other futuristic marvels would be just that–words on paper. For years the major responsibility for making it all real for viewing audiences has fallen to people like Academy AwardŽ-winning make-up supervisor Michael Westmore and property master Alan Sims, and their incredible staff og artisans. These modern-day dream shapers have guarded their award-winning secrets with national security-level caution… until today.

The veil of secrecy is pulled back in “Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts”. Through dozens of rare sketches, photographs, and designs, discover how those remarkable craftspeople made the fantastic vistas, creatures, and technology encountered every week. You’ll be amazed at how low-tech some of these high-tech wonders really are!

Who decided to make the Andorian blue? Of what was the belt on the original Klingon costume made? Was the first phaser really a block of wood? All your questions will be answered in “Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts”!

A special bonus is included: a section that will show you how to re-create your own make-up as well as create your own props, using readily available items.

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