Scooter Follows Boris Becker as German Casino Promoters

Scooter Follows Boris Becker as German Casino Promoters

Celebrities are often hired to help promote a brand, and many casino companies have worked with stars from across the media over the years. Companies have leaned towards English-speaking celebrities in most cases, but there are some recent examples of stars from other countries being hired to help generate public interest. The latest example is the world-famous techno band, Scooter. 

Scooter Signs with Hyperino

Scooter first enjoyed mainstream fame with their song Hyper Hyper, which was released in 1994. Ever since, the group has been known as one of Germany’s foremost producers of hardcore and techno music, with a legion of dedicated fans. 

Scooter have achieved chart success multiple times, with a large number of their singles and albums placing at respectable positions in German music charts. They have also experienced success in other countries around Europe, with a number of their songs gaining mainstream exposure and attracting new fans. 

This success, spanning more than 20 years at the top of their game, has helped to make Scooter a household name for countless Germans. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the band has been chosen to help promote Hyperino. It’s also no shock that the hit that made their name has been chosen to help do this.

In a new TV advert, H.P Baxxter stands in front of a computer-generated screen, telling viewers all about the offers on offer at Hyperino. As the Scooter hit Hyper Hyper starts to play in the background, Baxter looks almost unhinged as he shouts the lyrics before flying off into the sky. 

It’s delightfully eccentric, just like the band themselves, and is sure to be memorable. It might not be as impressive as the original video for the track, but it’s still highly original and lends some star power to the brand. 

This isn’t the first time that German celebrities have made the move into advertising for casino brands, though. Over a decade ago, one of the greatest tennis players of all time decided to tread a similar path. 

Boris Becker Endorses PokerStars

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Endorses PokerStars

Boris Becker is a man that needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. He’s one of the most famous German sporting stars of all time and is an all-time great in the world of tennis. His later career was marred by a few controversies, most notably a paternity suit, but he’s still a beloved figure. 

It was something of a surprise to many when Becker revealed that he loved poker. It shouldn’t have been, as many sports stars find other ways to get the adrenaline rush of playing top-level sports after they retire. Poker is one of the most intense games out there, so it was guaranteed to give him a similar thrill to that of tennis in his peak years. 

Becker being a poker lover meant that the marriage between himself and Pokerstars was a perfect match. For almost six years (between 2007 and 2013), he was an ambassador for the brand. He wasn’t like many other ambassadors, though: Becker was active when it came to playing. 

He entered a number of tournaments and even accumulated winnings of more than $100,000, enough to place him in the top 150 Poker players in the world. He split from the company in mid-2013, partly due to his decision to begin coaching Nojak Djokovic. 

Becker also helped to spread awareness of another Poker company after the Pokerstars split, playing in many different online games using a username that included his real name. The success that Becker had as a Poker ambassador certainly means that Scooter is in esteemed company with this new career move. Whether Scooter can offer a similar level of success for Hyperino remains to be seen.

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