Seven of Nine

Borg drone who left the collective and joined the crew of the Federation Starship Voyager in early 2374. Seven of Nine, who was Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, was born a human female named Annika Hansen in 2348 at the Tendara colony on stardate 25479. Annika’s parents, Erin Hansen and Magnus Hansen, were noted scientists who were last seen in the Omega Sector in 2356, having departed from station Deep Space 4 aboard the Raven on an expedition to the Delta Quadrant. The Raven encountered a Borg ship in B’omar space and crashed on a Class-M moon. Annika’s parents were presumed killed or assimilated by the Borg in the incident, and Annika was assimilated at the age of six.Seven of Nine was assigned as Borg liaison to Starfleet by Captain Kathryn Janeway in early 2374 when the collective formed an uneasy alliance with Janeway to defeat Species 8472. Seven was the only drone from her cube to survive the encounter that saw her ship destroyed when it attempted to assimilate Voyager.Thus separated from the collective, Seven’s human physiology reasserted itself, and Voyager‘s EMH removed most of Seven’s Borg implants to increase her chances of survival. The use of dermaplastic grafts and follicle stimulation even gave her a nearly normal human appearance.Having spent most of her life as a Borg drone, Seven of Nine did not at first did not consider herself to be human, objecting strongly to losing her Borg identity against her will. Her Voyagershipmates, including Captain Janeway, were nevertheless committed to helping her make what proved to be a difficult return to human society and to the alien concept of freedom.At one point she disobeyed a direct order from Janeway, believing disobedience to be in the best interests of the ship and crew. Seven found it frustrating to be punished for this action, after having been encouraged to exert her individuality.Human emotions such as anger and remorse also proved uncomfortable for her, as when she incorrectly believed herself to have been attacked by an Entharan weapons dealer on stardate 51658.Nevertheless, by late 2374, she found the thought of being reassimiliated by the collective to be unappealing. Seven did not lose all of her borg values, however. She shared the Borg sense of wonder at the discovery of Omega molecules on stardate 51781.In early 2375, she found herself serving as a role model to a new Borg drone designated One. Seven was successful in communicating her newfound personal valus to One, including the sense of pride in individuality; she was saddened when One died.

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