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U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Flight Logs
Audio Extracts – The Ensigns of Command Mission File
Researched and Compiled by Chief Records Officer
Lieutenant Commander Edgar Lacy Plummer
Starfleet Logistics Command

Message from the Sheliak Corporate:
“Federation creatures. There are humans on the fifth planet of Tau Cigna. This planet was seeded to the Corporate in Section 193 – Paragraph 77 of the Treaty of Armence. We will begin settlement of this world in four days, remove the humans.”

Tau Cigna V:
Tau Cigna V is in the Delore Belt, noted for its heavy consentrations of hyperonic radiation which is not only fatal to humans after a prolonged exposure, but prevents transporter operations, long-range subspace communications and phasers are also imoperable.

Sheliak / Human Relations:
The Sheliak consider Humans a lower life form, they view humans as pests at best. It is because of this fact that the Sheliak made only initial subspace communications 111 years ago and have never contacted the Federation again until this encounter.

The Artemis:
The Artemis was a colony ship launched 93 years ago, destination Septemis Minor. When they failed to check in, Starfleet began an intensive search with negative results. The ship went off-course and crashed on Tau Cigna V, the survivors found a way to live in the hyperonic radiation field and eventually rose to 15,523 individuals at the time of the Enterprise’s contact.

The Sheliak:
The Sheliak are a non-human intelligent life-form classification R3. They are extreme isolationists and believe that they are the only true intelligence in the universe, as a result they are highly arogant and ill-considered when dealing with other life-forms, especially humans, whom they consider vermin.

The Sheliak Corporate is headed by a single individual, known as the Director. However, each vessel is commanded by a leader also known as the Director, as he speaks for the Corporate Director in his stead, who rarely if ever, leaves their homeworld.

When the treaty with the Sheliak was originally signed the Federation sent 372 legal experts to negotiate, this was necessary before the Sheliak would even agree to the meeting.

Sheliak technology is at least as advanced as that of the Federation. There have been rumors that they possess superior weaponry, but this has never been displayed in battle or otherwise, and is only speculation at this point. The Sheliak Corporate have a large fleet of ships that they use to patrol their territory, which is a free area inside the territorial boundaries of the Federation itself. Deep scans indicate that the Sheliak have at least twenty-three fully developed worlds within their space and are agressively terraforming many more.

In our dealings with other non-humanoid races, there has always been some point of reference. Not so with the Sheliak. They have learned several Federation languages but theirs continues to elude us. Attempts to use telepaths have failes as well, the Sheliak brain and thought processes are just to different for humanoids to sense.

Note, in any communications with the Sheliak, you must be extremely accurate, the treaty alone is 500,000 words. The length was to accomodate the Sheliak, they consider our language ill-rational and demanded this level of complexity to avoid any “future” misunderstanding.

Paragraph 653, Subparagraph 9:
Entitles the Federation to face-to-face consultation with the Sheliak incase any possible disagreements should arise.

Section 501, Paragraph 716, Subparagraph 5:
Unwanted life-forms inhabiting H-class worlds may be removed at the discretion of the Sheliak Corporate.

Hyperonic Radiation:
Hyperonic radiation randomizes phaser beams, which means a phaser can be fired but its effective output cannot be determined, it could just discharge light or it could discharge deadly levels – killing its target.

Paragraph 1290:
Grants the Federation arbritrary third party negotiations over any and all disputes. In effect allowing the Federation to ask a third governing body to review and reach a non-biased decission under Subsection D3.

Status: Closed.

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