Josepha Sherman

“What I love most about Star Trek is the constant sense of optimism: That there will be a future, and that it will be, with all its troubles, a much brighter future. Star Trek never stooped to downright preaching (or hardly never), yet it has shown us a universe where humanity includes all humankind, sentient and morality can be found in any shape or color–and yet Star Trek never forgets, underneath it all, that “Senzawunda” that drives us all to the genre, and will drive us on, eventually, to our own star treks.“It’s a great deal of fun writing in the Star Trek universe, especially when we were given the chance to work with Spock as the main character–he, with all his intricate makeup and mindset–and in VULCAN’S FORGE” and VULCAN’S HEART, and the forthcoming VULCAN’S SOUL–to develop Strange New Worlds and New Civilizations!”

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