Disappeared at Beta III in 2167 when it was pulled from orbit by a computer called Landru.
“Return of the Archons” – TOS

USS Carolina
Used by the Klingons in a hoax to prevent the Enterprise from returning to Capella IV.
The diagram of the Carolina shows its registry as NCC-235.
“Friday’s Child” – TOS

USS Daedalus

USS Essex
Commanded by Captain Bryce Shumar, destroyed in 2167 at Class-M moon of Mab-Bu VI.
It’s crew of 229 were killed.
“Power Play” – TNG

USS Horizon
Destroyed in 2168, its distress call didn’t reach Federation space until 2268.
“A Piece of the Action” – TOS


USS Danube

Prototype mentioned in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual

USS Gander
Destroyed by Jem’Hadar over Goralis in 2375.
Its name is unclear since it was pronouced by Erzi and Sisko it sounded like Ganda and
“Penumbra” – DS9

USS Ganges
One of the first runabouts assigned to DS9. The Ganges was destroyed by a T’Lani
munitions cruiser in 2370.
The Ganges was named after the river in northern India and eastern Pakistan that is 1,560
miles long from the Himalayas and Bay of Bengal.
“Past Prologue” – DS9, “Armageddon Game” – DS9

USS Mekong
The Mekong was destroyed in the aftermath of the disastrous Cardassian-Romulan attack
on the Founders’ homeworld in 2371.
It was named after the river in southeast Asia that flows south to the China Sea.
“Playing God” – DS9, “The Die is Cast” – DS9

USS Orinoco
Destroyed in 2372 by a Cardassian separatist group called The True Way.
The Orinoco was named for the 1,700 mile long river in Venezuela.
“The Siege” – DS9, “Our Man Bashir” – DS9

USS Rio Grande
One of the first runabouts assigned to DS9. Crash landed on a Class L planet but was
Named after the river bordering Texas and Mexico. The only runabout to survive all seven
seasons for Deep Space Nine.
“Emissary” – DS9, “The Ascent” – DS9

USS Rubicon
Assigned to DS9 in 2371. The Rubicon was forced to make and emergency landing on
Bopak III after hit by a Jem’Hadar subspace magneton pulse. The Rubicon was destroyed in
the Romulan-Cardassian attack on the Dominion.
Named after the river in Italy that was of strategic importance to Caesar in 49 BC.
“Family Business” – DS9, “Hippocratic Oath” – DS9, “The Die is Cast” – DS9

USS Shenendoah
In 2374 Worf and Dax took the Shenendoah went on a mission to extract a Cardassian
deflector from the Dominion base on Soukara. Nog and Jake Sisko used the Shenendoah to
deliver a diplomatic message to Grand Nagus Zek. The Shenendoah was saved by the USS
Valiant while being attacked by Jem’Hadar fighters.
“Change of Heart” – DS9, “Valiant” – DS9

USS Volga
In 2372 Kira, Bashir and Keiko O’Brien used the Volga in a 3-day botanical survey of Torad
IV. The Volga was to have been used in a massive response to an anticipated Dominion
invasion in 2373.
The Volga is the longest river in Europe. It flows over 1,900 miles from its source in the
Valdai Hills, northwest of Moscow. It empties into the Caspian Sea below Astrakhan.
“Body Parts” – DS9, “By Inferno’s Light” – DS9

USS Yangtzee Kiang
One of DS9’s first runabouts, it was destroyed in a crash on a penal-colony moon in the
Gamma Quadrant. Kai Opaka was killed in the crash, but was revived by the atmosphere,
though could not leave the moon.
The Yangtzee Kiang was replaced by the Orinoco.
“Emissary” – DS9, “Past Prologue” – DS9, “Battle Lines” – DS9

USS Yukon
Used by Kira and O’Brien in 2372 for an inspection of Bajoran colonies along the Cardassian
border. The Yukon was destroyed by the Defiant in 2373 when a Founder hijacked it to
destroy the Bajoran sun with a trilithium explosive.
The Yukon replaced the Orinoco which was destroyed in “Our Man Bashir”. It was named
after the river in Northwest Canada and central Alaska flowing 1,979 miles to the Bering Sea.
Destroyed in “By Inferno’s Light”.
“Sons of Mogh” – DS9, “By Inferno’s Light” – DS9

Name Unknown
Used by Kira, Garak, and Damar in their mission to secure the Breen energy dissipating
“Tacking into the Wind” – DS9


USS Defiant

Warship assigned to DS9 in 2371 as defense against the Dominion. Destroyed in 2375 by
the Breen at the Chin’toka system.
“The Search” – DS9, “The Changing Face of Evil” – DS9

USS São Paulo
Starship assigned to DS9 to replace the USS Defiant. Took part in the final battle of the
Dominion War.
“What You Leave Behind” – DS9

USS Valiant
Used as a training ship by Red Squad in 2374. On that mission the senior staff were killed
and caught behind enemy lines. The Valiant was destroyed while trying to destroy a massive
Dominion battleship.
“Valiant” – DS9


USS Arcos

Freighter that suffered a warp containment breach near Turkana IV. The crew escaped and
their escape pods landed on the planet where they were captured by the Alliance.
“Legacy” – TNG

USS Deneva

USS LaSalle
Reported the presence of a series of radiation anomalies in the Gamma Arigulon System in
“Reunion” – TNG


SS Erewon


SS Santa Maria
Crash landed on planet in Orelious Minor system while on a mission to Gemulon V in 2360.
Named for Christopher Columbus’s ship.
“Paradise” – DS9


USS Al-Batani

Starship that Kathryn Janeway served on as science officer.
“Caretaker” – VOY

USS Berlin
Stationed near the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2364 just prior to the first Romulan violation of
the zone since the Tomed Incident
“Angel One” – TNG

USS Cairo
Commanded by Captain Jellico. The Cairo transported Vice-Admiral Necheyev to the
Enterprise-D in 2369 when Jellico assumed temporary command of the Enterprise-D.
“Chain of Command” – TNG

USS Charleston
Ferried the three revived 20th-century cryonic survivors back to Earth in 2364.
Named for the city in South Carolina, important location in the early days of America.
“The Neutral Zone” – TNG

USS Crazy Horse
Part of Task Force 3 in Captain Picard’s armada in an expected Borg invasion during 2369.
The Crazy Horse later rendezvous with the Enterprise-D in 2370 to pick up Admiral
The Crazy Horse was named for Oglala Sioux chief, who was one of the most important
Native American leaders at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.
“Descent” – TNG, “The Pegasus” – TNG

USS Crockett
Transported Admiral Mitsuya to Deep Space 9 in 2370.
Named for Davey Crockett, an American frontiersman and politician.
“Paradise” – DS9

USS Enterprise
Third starship to bear the name.
“Star Trek: Generations”

USS Excelsior
Prototype Excelsior-class vessel which was the testbed for transwarp. Went on an
unauthorized mission to rescue Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy from Rura Penthe but was
stopped by several Klingon battle cruisers. The Excelsior later assisted the Enterprise-A at
“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,” “Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country,” “Interface” – TNG, “Flashback” – VOY

USS Farragut
The “Jack Pack”, under false pretenses used the Farragut to travel to DS9 in 2375.
The episode did not explicitly establish the Farragut as an Excelsior, but there was a ship of
this class seen in the during the episode.
“Chrysalis” – DS9

USS Fearless
Used to test engine upgrades by Starfleet propulsion specialist Kosinski. The Fearless later
transported Kosinski to the Enterprise-D in 2364.
An error in the Star Trek Encyclopedia list it as NCC-4598, however that is incorrect.
“Where No One Has Gone Before” – TNG

USS Fredrickson
One of several ships damaged in battle with the Dominion in 2374.
Named for Anthony Fredrickson, a scenic artist on Deep Space Nine.
“A Time Stand” – DS9

USS Gorkon
Admiral Necheyev’s flagship during an expected Borg invasion in 2369.
Named for Chancellor Gorkon.
“Descent” – TNG

USS Grissom
The Grissom was near the Sigma Erandi system during the tricyanate contamination on
Beta Agni II in 2366. The Enterprise-D requested the Grissom to stand by should assistance
be needed.
Named after the Oberth-class Grissom destroyed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in 2285 and
Mercury astronaut Virgil Grissom.
“The Most Toys” – TNG

USS Hood
Ship Commander Riker served on before the Enterprise-D. The Hood was one of the
starships sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone in preparation for a possible battle from a
Romulan defector Alidar Jarok in 2366.
“Encounter at Farpoint” – TNG, “Tin Man” – TNG, “The Defector” – TNG

USS Intrepid
First Starfleet ship to respond to the Klingon distress call when the Khitmer outpost was
under attack by the Romulans in 2346. CPO Sergey Rozhenko adopted a Klingon survivor
named Worf.
“Sins of the Father” – TNG, “Family” – TNG

USS Lakota
Transported Captain Sisko and Odo to Earth in 2372. Captain Benteen later assumed
command of the Lakota and under Admiral Leyton’s orders fired on the USS Defiant.
Named for the Native American nation.
“Homefront” – DS9, “Paradise Lost” – DS9

USS Lexington
Rendezvoused with the Enterprise-D and transferred medical supplies to them for delivery to
the Taranko colony.
“Thine Own Self” – TNG

USS Livingston
Starship that Captain Sisko and Curzon Dax served together on.
The Livingston was most likely named after Star Trek producer-director David Livingston.
“Invasive Procedures” – DS9

USS Malinche
Attacked and disabled by a group of Maquis while it patrolled the Demilitarized Zone, near
the Gamma 7 outpost.
Named after 16th-century Mexican princess who was originally a slave given as peace
offering to the Spanish conquistador by the Tabascan Indians.
“For the Uniform” – DS9

USS Melbourne
Stationed Starbase 74 when the Enterprise-D was hijacked by the Bynars. Commander
Riker was offered commanded of this ship shortly before it was destroyed by the Borg at
Wolf 359.
Named for the Australian city. The Melbourne was originally a Nebula-class vessel, however
when the battle scene was made for DS9 it became an Excelsior-class vessel.
“11001001” – TNG, “The Best of Both Worlds” – TNG, “Emissary” – DS9

USS Okinawa
Captain Sisko served as XO to Admiral Leyton onboard during the Tzenkethi war.
Named for the islands in the South China Sea that were the scene of heavy fighting near the
end of World War II.”Homefront” – DS9, “Paradise Lost” – DS9

USS Potemkin
Commander Riker served on the Potemkin prior to the Hood. While serving onboard to a
mission to Nervala IV in 2361 a copy of Riker was created and left on the planet. In 2374 the
Potemkin was part of the Ninth Fleet headquartered at DS9.
Named for Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin, a Russian military officer under Catherine II.
“Peak Performance” – TNG, “Second Chances” – TNG, “Legacy” – TNG, “Ethics” – TNG,
“You are Cordially Invited” – DS9

USS Repulse
Dr. Pulaski’s post before transferring to the Enterprise-D in 2365.
Named for the British battle cruiser from World War II.
“The Child” – TNG, “Unnatural Selection” – TNG

USS Roosevelt
Lost at Wolf 359 in the battle with the Borg. Some of its crew were assimilated (and
somehow managed to end up in the Delta Quadrant even though that cube was destroyed at
Named for American President Theodore Roosevelt.
“Unity” – VOY

USS Tecumseh
The Tecumseh and Rutledge were ordered to launch a counter-attack against Klingon forces
in the Archanis sector.
“Nor the Battle Strong” – DS9

USS Valley Forge
Fought in the combined fleet of allied Alpha Quadrant forces that invaded Cardassian space
at the Chin’toka System in 2374.
Named for the site in Pennsylvania where General George Washington’s troop spent the
winter during the American Revolutionary War.
“Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

Name unknown
Starship seen at Utopia Planitia in 2373.
“Relativity” – VOY.


USS Concord

Deployed by Admiral Nakamura to the Romulan Neutral Zone with 15 other starships in Q’s
anti-time future.
“All Good Things…” – TNG

USS Firebrande
Destroyed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359.
“The Best of Both Worlds” – TNG

USS Freedom


USS Challenger

Under the command of Captain La Forge the Challenger pursued the Delta Flyer to stop it
from altering the timeline 15 years in the future.
“Timeless” – VOY

USS Enterprise
Fifth starship to bear the name.
Star Trek: The Next Generation

USS Galaxy
The Galaxy was one of four other Galaxy-class ships that fought at the invasion of the
Chin’toka System in 2374. The Galaxy was severely damaged in the battle.
“Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

USS Magellan
Participated in the battle to retake station DS9 in 2374.
Named for explorer Ferdinand Magellan.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

USS Odyssey
Destroyed in a mission to rescue Commander Sisko from the Dominion. The Odyssey was
destroyed by a small squadron of Jem’Hadar fighter “bugs”.
Named for the command module of the Apollo 13. It’s dedication quote was from 2001: A
Space Odyssey, “Its origin and a purpose, still a total mystery.”
“The Jem’Hadar” – DS9

USS Trinculo
Part of the Federation force to retake DS9 in 2374.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

USS Venture
Lead ship sent by Starfleet in 2372 to DS9 to deal with the Klingon invasion of Cardassian
space. Part of the force to retake DS9 and fought with the Galaxy in the invasion of the
Chin’toka System in 2374.
“The Way of the Warrior” – DS9, “Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9, “Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

USS Yamato
Destroyed in 2365 by an ancient Iconian computer virus that caused a failure in the
antimatter containment system. All crew onboard were killed in the explosion.
Named for the Japanese World War II battleship.
“Where Silence has Leased” – TNG, “Contagion” – TNG


USS Hokule’a


USS Tripoli
Discovered Data at Omicron Theta in 2338. The Tripoli was decommissioned and regulated
to Surplus Depot Zed-15 at Qualor II. In 2368 it was stolen by Romulans.
“DataLore” – TNG, “Unification” – TNG


USS Bellerephon

Starship that took Admiral Ross and Dr. Bashir to Romulus in 2374.
It is possible that this is Admiral Ross’ flagship to the Ninth Fleet.
“Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” – DS9

USS Intrepid

USS Voyager
While on a mission to the Badlands in 2371 Voyager was taken 70,000 light-years across
the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant.
“Star Trek: Voyager”


USS Constantinople

In 2365 the Constantinople suffered a hull breach near Gravesworld while carrying 2012
Named for the Turkish city now known as Istanbul.
“The Schizoid Man” – TNG

USS Havana
Scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D after studying the Bersallis firestorms of
“Lessons” – TNG

USS Istanbul

USS Sarajevo
Believed to be destroyed by the Dominion after being lost in the Gamma Quadrant prior to
Named for the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“In Purgatory’s Shadow” – DS9


USS Goddard

Scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D but was postponed after the signing of the
Acamarian truce. The Goodard was part of Captain Picard’s tachyon blockade during the
Klingon Civil War.
The Korolev was named for spacecraft designer Sergey Pavlovich Korolev, a key figure in the
early Russian space program.
“The Vengeance Factor” – TNG, “Redemption, Part II” – TNG

USS Korolev

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