The Lalo reported the temporal disturbance that resulted from Dr. Paul Manheim’s
time/gravity experiments at Vandor IV in 2364. The Lalo was lost in late 2366 after
encountering a Borg Cube near Zeta Alpha II.
“We’ll Always Have Paris” – TNG, “The Best of Both Worlds, part I” – TNG

USS Mediterranean

USS Wyoming
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok served on the Wyoming in 2349 after returning to Starfleet
following a 51 year absence.
“Flashback” – VOY


USS Merced


USS Trieste
The Trieste was near Starbase 74 but was unable to render assistance when the Enterprise-
D was hijacked by the Bynars in 2364. Data served on the Trieste prior to the Enterprise-D.
The Trieste was named for the bathyscaphe in which oceanographer Jacques Piccard
explored Earth’s Marianas Trench in the 1960’s.
“11001001” – TNG, “Clues” – TNG


USS Brattain

While under the command of Captain Chantal Zaheva the Brattain mysteriously disappeared
in 2367 and was found trapped in Tyken’s Rift.
The dedication plaque said the ship had been built by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, and
bore the motto, “…a three hour tour, a three hour tour.” The ship’s name on the model was
spelled “Brittain” by mistake.

USS Lantree
The crew of the Lantree was killed in 2365 after being exposed to a group of genetically
engineered human children whose immune systems actively sought out and attacked
potential sources of disease. The Lantree was destroyed with a single torpedo fired from the
“Unnatural Selection” – TNG

USS Majestic
Destroyed in the mission to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion in 2374.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

USS Miranda

USS Nautilus
Part of the Starfleet task force that included Klingon and Romulan fleets to invade the
Chin’toka System in Cardassian space during the Dominion War in 2374.Named for the first submarine to reach the North Pole and Captain Nemo’s vessel in 20,000
Leagues under the Sea.
“Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

USS Reliant
Surveyed planets in the Mutara Sector for the Project Genesis in 2285. The Reliant was
hijacked by Khan Noonien Singh and marooned the crew on Ceti Alpha V. The Reliant was
destroyed in the Mutara Nebula.
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

USS Saratoga
Disabled by an unknown alien space probe while the patrolling the Neutral Zone.
Mistakenly listed as NCC-1937 in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.
“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

USS Saratoga
Destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359 in 2367, Captain Sisko who was a Lieutenant
Commander at the time served as First Officer onboard the Saratoga.
“Emissary” – DS9

USS ShirKahr
Part of the Starfleet task force that invaded the Chin’toka System in 2374; the ShirKahr was
destroyed by the Dominion orbital weapons platforms.
Named for the Vulcan city that was Spock’s hometown in the animated series episode
“Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

USS Sitak
Destroyed in the massive Starfleet armada to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion in
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

USS Tian An Men
Served in Captain Picard’s tachyon blockade during the Klingon Civil War in 2368.Named in honor of the people who died for the cause of Chinese freedom at Tian An Men
“Redemption, Part II” – TNG

Name Unknown
Fought in the final battle with in the Dominion War.


USS Bellerephon

Destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359 in 2367.
“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” – TNG

USS Endeavor
Served in Captain Picard’s tachyon blockade during the Klingon Civil War in 2368. Part of the
armada that intercepted a Borg Cube heading for Earth in 2372.
Named in honor of British explorer James Cook’s flagship and for NASA’s space shuttle. The
Star Trek Encyclopedia speculates the Endeavor was the only surviving ship at Wolf 359.
“Redemption, Part II” – TNG, “The Game” – TNG, “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Scorpion, Part
I” – VOY

USS Farragut
Transported the crew of the Enterprise-D from Veridian III after the Enterprise was destroyed
by a warp core breach in 2371. The Farragut was destroyed by Klingon forces in 2373.
“Star Trek: Generations,” “Nor the Battle to the Strong” – DS9

USS Hera
Commanded by Captain Silva La Forge, the Hera disappeared without a trace in 2370,
Starfleet has yet discovered what happened to the ship.
Named for the Greek goddess married to Zeus.
“Interface” – TNG

USS Honshu
Destroyed by a wing of Cardassian destroyers while carrying Captain Sisko and Gul Dukat
to Starbase 621.
Named for the largest of the islands of Japan.
“Waltz” – DS9

USS Leeds
Part of the task force to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion.
The Leeds was identified as the Nebula-class starship in DS9’s opening credits.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

USS Lexington
Docked at Deep Space 9 in 2371.
Named after the US aircraft carrier that served in the Pacific during World War II.
“Explorers” – DS9

USS Merrimack
Transported Ambassador Sarek from Legara IV to Vulcan. The Merrimack transported
Wesley Crusher back to Starfleet Academy from the Enterprise-D in 2368.
Named in honor of the iron-clad warship that became the CSS Virginia that fought for the
Confederacy during the American Civil War.
“Sarek” – TNG, “The Game” – TNG

USS Monitor
Sent to the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone border in preparation for a possible battle.
“The Deflector” – TNG

USS Nebula

USS Phoenix
While under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell the Phoenix made an unauthorized
attack on Cardassian forces destroying two ships and a science station.
The Phoenix was the first appearance of the Nebula-class. Named in honor of Zefram
Cochrane’s warp ship.
“The Wounded” – TNG

USS Prometheus
Used by terraformer Gideon Seyetik on his project to reignite the dead sun Epsilon 119.
Named for the mythological Greek Titan who gave mankind fire.
“Second Site” – DS9

USS Proxima
Lost in the Gamma Quadrant prior to 2371 and is believed to have been destroyed by the
Named for Proxima Centauri, a star 4.3 light years from Earth.
“In Purgatory’s Shadow” – DS9

USS Sutherland
Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Data in Captain Picard’s tachyon blockade during
the Klingon Civil War in 2368. The Sutherland was later commanded by Captain Shelby and
was part of the Ninth Fleet headquartered at Deep Space 9 in 2374.
Named for Horatio Hornblower’s flagship in the C. S. Foresters novels.
“Redemption, Part II” – TNG, “You Are Cordially Invited” – DS9, “Change of Heart” – DS9

USS T’Kumbra
Commanded by Captain Solok and served in the front lines during the Dominion War. The
T’Kumbra docked at Deep Space 9 for upgrades and repairs in 2375.
“Take Me Out to the Holosuite” – DS9

USS Ulysses
Commanded by Captain Entebe, studied protoplanetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula in
“The Adversary” – DS9

Name Unknown
First starship sent to recapture the USS Prometheus from the Romulans.
“Message in a Bottle” – VOY


USS Kyushu

Destroyed by the Borg Cube at the battle of Wolf 359 in 2367.
The Kyushu was named for one of the four main islands of Japan, where a Japanese orbital
launch facility was located.
“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” – TNG

USS New Orleans
USS Renegade

Commanded by Captain Tryla Scott, met with the Enterprise-D at Dytallix B in 2364 when an
unknown alien intelligence attempted to take over Starfleet Command.
“Conspiracy” – TNG

USS Rutledge
Commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell during the Federation-Cardassian War along with
Chief O’Brien as his tactical officer. Responded to a distress call of a Cardassian attack on
the Setlik III outpost. In 2373 the Rutledge and Tecumseh were ordered to counterattack
Klingon forces in the Archanis Sector.
“The Wounded” – TNG, “Nor the Battle to the Strong” – DS9

USS Thomas Paine
Commanded by Captain Rixx when it met with the Enterprise-D at Dytallix B in 2364 when
an unknown alien intelligence attempted to take over Starfleet Command.
Thomas Paine was an American patriot and writer.
“Conspiracy” – TNG


USS Niagara


USS Princeton
Destroyed by the Borg Cube at Wolf 359 in 2367.
“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” – TNG

USS Wellington
The Wellington was at Starbase 74 at the same time the Enterprise-D was in 2364. Ensign
Ro Laren was stationed on the Wellington prior to serving on the Enterprise-D.
“11001001” – TNG, “Remember Me” – TNG, “Ensign Ro” – TNG


USS Budapest

Fought the Borg Cube in the attempted invasion of 2373.
Named for the European city.
“Star Trek: First Contact”

USS Norway


USS Equinox

Starship lost in the Delta Quadrant sometime prior to the USS Voyager. The Equinox was
destroyed in an attack by beings from a different spatial realm.
“Equinox” – VOY

USS Nova


USS Biko

Rendezvoused with the Enterprise-D on stardate 46271 at Deinonychus VII.
Named for Steven Biko, South African civil rights activist, martyred in 1977.
“A Fistful of Data’s” – TNG

USS Bonestell
Destroyed at Wolf 359 by the Borg in 2367.
Named for astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell.
“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” – TNG

USS Cochrane
Transported Doctor Bashir to Deep Space 9 in 2369.
Named in honor of Zefram Cochrane.
“Emissary” – DS9

USS Copernicus
In Space Dock at the time the Enterprise-A was launched.
“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

USS Grissom
Destroyed in 2285 by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey at the Genesis Planet.
Named for the Mercury astronaut Virgil I. Grissom, who was killed in the Apollo 1 fire in
“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”

USS Oberth

USS Pegasus
While commanded by Admiral Pressman in 2358 the Pegasus was a prototype starship
used as a testbed for many of the new system designs used on Galaxy-class ships. While
testing an illegal phasing cloak the crew mutinied and only seven crewmembers escaped.
The Pegasus while still cloaked drifted into an asteroid not to be found until 2370.
The Pegasus was originally planned to be a Cheyenne-class starship however it was
decided to make it an Oberth-class. Named after the famous winged horse of Greek
mythology that sprang from the severed neck of Medusa.
“The Pegasus” – TNG

USS Raman
Lost at Marijne VII in 2370, the crew was killed by subspace lifeforms living in the lower
atmosphere of the planet.
Named for Nobel Prize winning physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.
“Interface” – TNG

USS Tsiolkowsky
In 2364 the crew of 80 officers became infected and died from the results of the Psi 2000
virus while monitoring the collapse of a red super giant star into a white dwarf star.
Named after the Russian space pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
“The Naked Now” – TNG

SS Vico
Destroyed in 2368 while exploring a Black Cluster by the severe gravitational wavefronts
amplified by the Vico’s shields.
“Hero Worship” – TNG

USS Yosemite
Severely damaged while studying the plasma streamer between a binary star in the Igo
Sector in 2369.
Named after Yosemite National Park.
“Realm of Fear” – TNG


USS Nobel

Searched for the USS Hera with the USS Excelsior in 2370.
The Nobel was named after Alfred Nobel, Swedish industrialist, the inventor of dynamite and
the Nobel Peace Prize.
“Interface” – TNG

USS Olympic

USS Pasteur
In Q’s anti-time future the Pasteur was commanded by Captain Beverly Picard. The Pasteur
crossed into Klingon space, formerly the Romulan Neutral Zone, at the request of Jean-Luc
Picard in search of a temporal anomaly however was destroyed by two Klingon attack
Named after Louis Pasteur who developed the pasteurization process.
“All Good Things…” – TNG


USS Prometheus

While on one of its first test flights in 2374 the Prometheus was hijacked by Romulans who
killed the rest of its crew. While escaping Federation space the Prometheus was intercepted
by a Nebula-class, Akira-class, and two Defiant-class vessels. Control of the ship was
regained by it’s EMH and the EMH doctor from the USS Voyager.
Named after the Greek Titan that gave mankind fire.
“Message in a Bottle” – VOY


USS Aries

Commander Riker was offered command of the USS Aries in 2365.Named for the constellation of the same name, as well as the moon landing shuttle from
2001: A Space Odyssey.
“The Icarus Factor” – TNG, “Identity Crisis” – TNG

USS Hokkaido
Last vessel of this class to be constructed in 2337.
The Next Generation Technical Manual

USS Hornet
Served in Captain Picard’s tachyon armada during the Klingon Civil War in 2368.
Named for the American aircraft carrier that fought at the Battle of Midway in World War II.
“Redemption, Part II” – TNG

USS Maryland
Lost some time prior to 2371 and was believed to be destroyed by the Dominion.
Named for the several naval vessels that served the United States in the 20th century.
“In Purgatory’s Shadow” – DS9

USS Renaissance


USS Akagi

Served in Captain Picard’s tachyon blockade armada during the Klingon Civil War in 2368
Named after the Japanese carrier that fought the American carrier USS Hornet at Midway
during World War II. Ron Moore thought it fitting that in the future the Akagi and Hornet
would be serving together.
“Redemption, Part II” – TNG

USS Rigel

USS Tolstoy
Destroyed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367.
Named after Russian author Leo Tolstoy, who wrote War and Peace.
“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” – TNG


USS Saber


USS Yeager
Fought against the Borg incursion of Sector 001 in 2373.
Named after Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier in 1947, also where the
registry comes from 61947.
“Star Trek: First Contact”


USS Sequoia


USS Yellowstone
Transported Ensign Melora Pazlar to Deep Space 9 in 2370.
Named after Yellowstone National Park, the first and largest national park in the United
States, established in 1872.
“Melora” – DS9


USS Curry

Among the Federation fleets at the start of the Dominion War. The Curry was severely
damaged in battle.
Named after Dan Curry, visual effects producer.
“A Time to Stand” – DS9

USS Shelly

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