Alexander Siddig is Dr. Julian Bashir, a graduate of Starfleet Medical and a brilliant specialist in multi-species medicine. He graduated second in his class and could have gone anywhere, but due to his naiveté and his zealous expectations of adventure, he chose the remote space station Deep Space Nine. According to Alexander, “Julian is a humanist, and a bit of a philosopher. He’s confident and incredibly enthusiastic about medicine.” He finishes, “although, along with that level of confidence, their is a certain youthful arrogance as well.”

Born in Sudan and raised in England, Alexander was a student of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), and appeared as the lead in such productions as “Hamlet” and “Arthur.” Upon completion of the three year program at LAMDA, he joined the Manchester Library Theatre in London, where he appeared in productions of “Brother Eichemann” and “Sinbad the Sailor.”

Still in London, Alexander then went on to try his hand at directing, and made his directorial debut at the Arts Threshold Theatre with productions of “Lotus and the Rats” and “Julius Caesar.” It was while Alexander was directing here that he was called back to acting, this time on television. In 1991, Alexander made his television debut in the independent British television production of “The Big Battalions,” a three-part drama. He also appeared in “A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia” which aired on PBS.

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