Signs of Depression in Women to Address Immediately

Signs of Depression in Women to Address Immediately

Have you ever face a situation when you literally feel like doing nothing and feel less interested in everything. Certainly, those who witness such a thing often should be careful because you are in depression. Note that depression is not a scary disorder. But the only thing that depressed patient demands from you is care, love, and compassion. Remember the disorder is a hundred percent treatable so don’t contemplate that anything wrong will happen. So readers today our special take is on depression, reasons behind depression, and the signs of depression in women.

A quick glimpse of what is depression?

Talking about depression it is the disorder of the mood. It is a condition when the recipient feels sad and low. The most intriguing fact is that this feeling of lacking interest persists for a longer duration. Depression can vary from moderate to the acute stage. The people diagnosed with the severe depressive disorder suffer from clinical depression. If not treated properly it can affect the thought process and behavior of the individual.

Causes behind Depression in women

Now here we will highlight the facts related to the depression in women. And elaborately discuss the causes behind having such depression.


The very first point that justifies depression in a woman is that it is genetically imbibed. Scientifically researched incidents proved that hormonal causes also trigger depression. Like if a woman faces any trouble with fertility, pregnancy, menstrual problem or menopause fall prey to depression. Other than persistent illness is also one of the primary causes of having depression in women.

Psychological reasons

If you verify the statistics of this entire world, you will see that women suffer more from depression compared to men. See it is quite natural that when you feel low you cry even share those mournful feelings to near and dear ones. But then what makes you in the state of depression. In that case, you have to know when you contemplate too much on the particular incident it makes you feel depressed. In fact, research has also proved that when you think too much about the depressive incidents or thoughts it persists with for long. Even for a long time, endurance can make the situation worse actually. One more valid point is that the level of progesterone hormone in women is also one of the culprits that induce depression in women.

Social factors

Equally social causes are also accountable for putting the women in a depressing situation. Women who face relationship troubles, problems with marriage, balancing professional and personal life, are more prone to depression than men. Other than that you should note when the person suffers from any physical abuse in childhood, any genetic mood swing history or use of any particular group of medications, even losing parents before the 10 years of age.

Chemistry of the brain

You should know that neurotransmitters play a triggering role in the case of depression. Neurotransmitters function differently and their connection with the neurocircuits plays a key role in mood consistency.

Briefing on different types of depression

Here in this section, we will highlight some of the valid types of depression that are common and one can detect them in women majority of the time.

Postpartum type of depression:

Women often after the delivery suffers from a depression called the postnatal depression. You can also call it the baby blues. Particularly this depression starts with the birth of the baby and follows for a few months. Even some of the women also face during pregnancy as well.

Major depression:

This is a kind of depressive situation where a woman does not find interest in engaging in any kind of fun filling activities. Life becomes very negative and dull for her actually. In fact, her perspective towards life changes a lot and in every case, such disorder affects the daily chores of her life. This state can extend for quite longer. The most negative part of this kind of major depression is that here the woman also lacks self-esteem as well.

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Persistent depression:

Dysthymia is the other name of persistent depressive disorder. It is a condition where the person tends to lose interest from all activities for a longer duration. You can definitely mark it as a chronic type of depression. The person diagnosed with persistent depression will always have this feeling that life is not adequate. Obviously, such a state will intervene both in the Personal and work front. On the whole, you can say this is an extension of the major depression and lasts for two years.

Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder:

This is a type of depression, which is closely associated with the menstrual cycle. The depression that gives you acute mood swings, all types of negative thoughts, anxiety just prior to the week of the menstrual cycle is none but the premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Note that this disappears just with the end of the menstruation. Certainly, this is highly negative and has the full ability to disturb the normal life flow. Even to a great extent can hamper the relationships as well.

How do women react to depression?

Talking about the reaction of the women to depression, we have compiled their activities and feelings in a few bullet points below:

  • Firstly, women don’t have the tendency to hide their depression. They try to resolve the low feeling by talking with friends and sharing inner thoughts.
  • A depressed woman does not feel like doing too much work when in Depression.
  • She may isolate herself at times and cry alone thinking that she is accountable for all such things. That means women follow the course of self- blame.
  • Honestly, when she understands that she is in depression she tries to self- medicate herself. She does so by resorting to more foods and entertainment.
  • Women are prudent in dealing with relationships. Therefore when in depression she tries her best to avoid any interpersonal conflict.
  • It is natural that a woman in depression will feel sad, low, apathetic. The most dangerous fact is that she considers herself completely good for nothing. In other words, you can say she constantly judges herself.

Signs of depression in women

In this section, we will broadly talk about the possible signs of depression in women. It is true that some hides while some boldly accept the scenario. But honestly, for proper treatment, a woman needs to accept when she is in depression otherwise she won’t be able to get out of the depressive loop.

Previously we have already discussed the major depression. Note that this type of mental disorder in addition to the bipolar certainly affects your mood to a great extent. But when you opt to have treatment for that you need to make sure that these signs of depression in women are verified.

  • Women feel empty and get irritated at times. You can say it is more than sadness.
  • She eventually loses all forms of interest and does not find true pleasure in anything.
  • The most visible signs of depression in women are that her appetite measure will change. That means either she will have too much food or she will have less food.
  • One of the prominent signs of depression in women is that her weight will change. Again, she will whether again weight or lose weight.
  • She might also suffer from sleeping too much or might get troubled with insomnia.
  • A major change in her behaviour is also noticed. Like either, she will take up work and complete them too swiftly. Else, she might get too lazy to complete any task at once.
  • Feeling tired too often is also one of the signs of depression in women.
  • She might suffer from a guilt trip situation where she finds herself inappropriate. In addition to that, she has a tendency to self-doubt as well.
  • She will find it’s getting harder to concentrate on a particular thing. In fact, her thought process also gets very much affected. Besides that, she does not find it easier to complete any task on time.
  • The most dangerous among all the signs of depression in women is that she might feel like ending her life by committing suicide. Else, when she stops fearing death.
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Thus, the above-cited are some of the most noticeable signs of depression in women.

Highlighted methods to treat depression in women naturally

The stage of depression often gives this feeling of being hopeless and helplessness. But you need to overcome those with self- treatment procedures. Therefore now we will talk about some of the recommended treatment methods that will benefit you naturally without leaving any type of side effect.


Set a routine yourself:

In the first step to treat depression, you need to follow certain routines. Make sure that you push yourself to routine life. Take some baby steps so that you can reframe your life suitably. Additionally set some goals and try to achieve them slowly. For example, you need to receive milk from the milkman every day on time. Once you start involving in this type of work, it will help you realize that you are neither hopeless nor incompetent to do any work on time.

Follow routine exercise:

One more thing that you should do is set an exercise schedule for yourself. When you increase the body, movement it tends to produce the chemical called the endorphins. Obviously such will leave a long term benefit on the person especially the one diagnosed with depression. Once you engage in exercise on a regular purpose, it certainly reconstructs your brain thus indicating the brain to take things positively.

 Healthy and balanced eating:

Don’t go with the flow when it comes to eating. That means if someone is more comfortable with junks. It does not mean that you too have to garnish the plate in the same way. Rather if you already know about the depression then be aware and try to take the foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to that also add spinach and avocados to the platter as well.

 Try to sleep the most:

You should know that if you sleep less then obviously that has the tendency to worsen the depression condition. The best would be that if you bring a change in your lifestyle. Make sure that you go to bed every day at the same time. be sure that you don’t get into siesta in the afternoons. Also, dissuade yourself from all kinds of bedroom distractions like tv or mobiles. Over time you will see that the sleep will improve.

Fight with negative feelings:

The basic step to eradicate depression from your life is to fight with that negative virus that persistently digs your brain. When you are depressed you feel like plunging into conclusion and grabbing other worst things that might put you in a lot more danger. Therefore you need to use your rational thoughts and get success against those at once.

Meditation can be helpful:

Depression is all about the battle of the mind. If you want to stay away from that you should try to find solace through meditation. Nothing could be easier than practicing deep breathing exercises or yoga. You should follow the techniques of relaxation that will let you find joy in moments of sadness.

Try to engage in new things:

It is natural that when you do the same thing every day, actually you don’t get the opportunity to challenge your brain. Therefore the best would be if you try something new in your daily life. It will help you strengthen the relationships and will improvise the thought process as well.

Note on medicated treatment

We have discussed the treatments that you should follow naturally. But if the situation worsens then obviously you should seek advice from the professional psychologist, they will let you get treated clinically. The therapist will plan systematically and talk sessions will pull out the grief from your heart. As an alternative, they also follow the treatment process like acupuncture.

Final say

So far, we have illustrated all about the signs of depression in women. The signs of depression in women are easily noticeable. But make sure you don’t conceal those instead accept them and get treated easily.

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