Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

It is important to know the signs when to need a new car battery. Essentially, it is the battery that gives your vehicle the capability to run. Hence, you cannot afford to be thoughtless when it comes to the reliability of your battery.

Other than the idea that it is a vital part when running the engine, it also provides power to the entire electronics of the car. That is how influential it is.  If you fail to secure a good-conditioned battery, you may be driving with the risk of being stranded somewhere.

How to Know if You Need to Get a New Car Battery?

There are several indications that the life of your car’s battery is about to end. One common factor is that the “check engine light” indicator always prompts. This normally implies that your car battery is weakening, although it may also have something to do with the alternator.

You should be cautious about how your car responds every time it starts. It is a brilliant idea to be attentive to the health condition of the battery so you can avoid unpleasant conditions such as being stranded in remote areas. Here are some signs that will tell you that you need a new car battery:

1.Engine slow to start

Through time, the parts found inside the battery will get exhausted and will be less efficient. If this happens, the battery will likely take a longer time to charge a starter, and you will have to endure for another few seconds until the engine turns over.

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2.Impaired Connectors

Have you detected a white, pale substance attached to the metal portions of the battery? This is a clear indication of corrosion. Impaired terminals may lead to problems with voltage and difficulty in starting the car.

3.Bad Smell

An internal short or defective battery can trigger the battery to slip gas. If you noticed a smell of eggs rotten each time you get the hood opened, a slipping battery might be guilty of the issue. Consider checking your battery immediately and get a new battery if there is a need to replace it.

4.Electrical and Dim Lights

The battery is responsible for providing power to the car’s electronics – from the lights to the radio and to the dashboard computer. Once it fails to get enough battery charging, it will be more difficult to run these electronics at complete power. The concept is that the more stuff you connect to the car while you are driving, the quicker it will expire.

5.Deformed Battery Case

The savage climate of the grassland can affect the lifespan of the car’s battery. Being exposed to too much cold and heat can absolutely make the battery case to deform. If the battery gets anything but a shape of a rectangle, there is a good chance that it is not functioning well.

6.Check Engine Light

In many cars, the check engine light indicator can be associated with many factors. However, this indicator can prompt if the battery is getting exhausted. Review your manual and have the battery examined by a professional to confirm if it is functioning in its full ability. If not, you must consider getting a new one.

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7.Old Battery

Can you still remember the last time you got your battery? Ideally, car batteries normally last around 3 to 5 years. Electronic besiege, climate, and driving attitudes all contribute to the battery’s lifespan. It will be smart if you become cautious and have your car’s battery examined regularly once it gets nearer to the 3-year normal lifespan.


Although the exact lifespan of your battery is determined by the vehicle as well as its condition, it would be realistic to say that many vehicles require a new car battery after 4 years. Once the battery reaches the 3-year mark, you should begin being attentive to the performance of your car. It is imperative to figure out the concern before it gets to further impact the condition of the car.

It is important to bear in mind the 3 to the 4-year rule. Ask your mechanic to examine the status of your battery during your next schedule of maintenance. All bear in mind that all car batteries will eventually require replacement – sadly, you cannot prevent the time of having to get a new battery. You should change your battery whenever necessary if you want to avoid bigger concerns in the future.



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