Six game apps that teach kids essential skills

Six game apps that teach kids essential skills

In the 21st century, everything is done on phones. Children seem to love phones more than anything. So instead of giving them phones for listening to poems, the phones can be used to play interactional games. 

These games increase their learning power and promote skills like logic, analytic skills, creative thinking, independent learning, and reasoning power. 

However, before handing the phone to a child we suggest putting a parental control app like FamiSafe on the device. So that you can keep an eye on your child’s activities on the device, set screen time and prevent them to be exposed to the wrong side of the World Wide Web. 

There are a lot of games out there but we have chosen games that have been highly appreciated by parents. Here is a list of games that help increase children’s memory. 

1. Toca Blocks 

This game is designed to encourage a child’s imagination and logical thinking skills. With this game, they build an imaginary world using blocks and can add their personal touches. Creating a world of their own helps them explore the creative side of their personality. The game boosts their power of innovation and devising things.

2. The very hungry caterpillar 

If you read bedtime stories to your kids, you must have read them the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar‘. This game app is based on the characters of that story and has games that boost children’s counting, sorting and memory skills. It will push them to concentrate and give them a non-competitive play in which they can develop skills as an individual  

3. My PlayHome Dollhouse 

If your young one likes playing with a dollhouse then this is the perfect app to teach them creativity, acceptance, and relations. It has characters of all races also with this they can do what they imagine and make their own stories. 

4. Draw it 

Does your toddler have an artistic side to them and you are tired of buying those books after books? This app is fun and competitive, in the game the player has to draw what they see which will help them win against others. Not only can their draw but also color and paint quite similar to what they would do on a book or paper. It helps develop their creativity, intelligence, and quick thinking skills. 

5. Addition and Subtraction 

This app will help develop the most important child skills that are math skills. It helps them develop their addition and subtraction skills. Also, the app can be used in both home and classroom. The majority of the mini-games consist of MCQs, drag and drop and choice questions. The app promotes their analytical skills and teaches them independent learning.

6. Kidoland 

The puzzle-based games will give them hours of entertainment following hours of problem-solving fun. The puzzles are fit for all ages and are self-explanatory. The game is intended to articulate their logic and problem-solving skills through pictures and picture words. 

Keeping a child away from phones isn’t possible because everyone around them will use phones and they are bound to be curious. Even if we don’t plan and intend to give them digital devices we do end up giving it to them. Hence it is best to give them access through these games. 


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