Skoda Karoq: Is It Worth Buying?

Skoda Karoq: Is It Worth Buying?

Car manufacturers have really taken an interest in making new SUVs these days. It seems that simply having a range of SUVs isn’t enough. Adding new versions to their SUV nomenclature, Skoda has also taken up this trend. However, the Skoda Yetis are not really seen around a lot these days, so the Czech company decided to introduce a new 7 seater to their extensive car range, the Kodiaq. They also to find an alternative for the Yeti. So, they improved the specs and design a bit, tweaked with its built and announced the Skoda Karoq.  

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The Skoda Karoq has a 1.0-liter petrol engine which is surprisingly energetic and has a good low-down thrust, so it is ideal if you spend most of your time in crowded towns. The 1.6 TDI version is quite flexible and but might cost more in company car tax whereas the 2.0 TDI provides the best blend of power and economy.

The 2.0 liter gives torque on 148bhp and 251lb ft, and the unit’s straight-line performance is more than adequate. If you were to choose the DSG gearbox or sweet-shifting six-speed manual, you would find that the engine stays shockingly quiet at cruising speeds. So, if you happen to travel slightly uphill with reasonably heavy loads often, you will be glad to know that you have more than enough firepower under the Karoq’s bonnet. 

We were taken aback by the 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol. It possesses the same 148bhp of diesel and proves to be well suited for the Skoda Karoq, delivering an extremely powerful performance in a much more subtle manner. 


With about 17in or 18in wheels, the Skoda Karoq smoothens the harsh and abrupt bumps and edges of your town. With this great addition to it, the Skoda Karoq upstages many of its rivals when we take smoothness into consideration. 

When you speed up on the motorway, the Skoda Karoq’s cruise gets better and better. For long rides and road trips it becomes nothing but your companion. Some models with 19in wheels are comfortable, but you might feel more pits and other imperfections. You might will feel more ruts and other road imperfections, especially at moderate speeds. 


The Skoda Karoq falls under the same spectrum as the Ateca and Volkswagen Tiguan. After the underwhelming performance of Yeti, Skoda really worked hard and invested in the Karoq to build its unique character; it falls in the middle of the spectrum of comfort and sportiness. That’s why the Skoda Karoq exhibits more body roll on the edges than the driver-focused Ateca, but it is still more flexible than the longer and slightly heavier Tiguan. 

Like most of its predecessors, the Skoda Karoq’s steering has a natural-feeling to it, with a reasonable weight and good accuracy that lets you swoop from turn to turn with subtle ease. With a fine grip at your disposal, you will be more confident than ever. 

Also, if you want your SUV to perform, then there is also a four-wheel drive available. Do understand that while this might help you across marshy ground, it won’t really be a reliable option to scale down an icy road. 


The Skoda karoq has a great interior which can be customized with available adjustments, so we reckon you won’t have any problem getting comfortable with whatever you adjust. These customizations include the seat height and lumbar adjustment on all trims, and plenty of variation in the steering wheel’s height and reach.

You can also exercise a good seat support and a customizable higher driving position, so we can safely conclude that the Skoda Karoq is no skyscraping Range Rover. 

It is fun and easy to adjust with wheel placed and logically grouped buttons and switches as well as a standard instrumentation. Adding the raised driving position and the thin windscreen pillars with big side windows means that the Skoda Karoq is fit enough to challenge its best rivals for front and side visibility.

Safety and Security 

This Skoda SUV is meant to keep you safe (as long as you don’t partake in irresponsible driving). With standard automatic emergency braking along with the generic airbags, and with other miscellaneous electronic safety gizmos, the Skoda Karoq might be the safest SUV out there. The Skoda Karoq has achieved five-stars on its Euro NCAP crash test rating, and other good scores in their individual categories. 

The Verdict 

All in all, we can see that the Skoda Karoq is an excellently-built, sturdy SUV with a well-fashioned interior. The engine speaks for itself (literally) and gives an outstanding performance when you take it for a spin. The Skoda Karoq is available in all wheel drive and comes with larger wheels,in its other models. The safety is unquestionable and hence, this is an SUV that is truly worth buying!  

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