Small Game Big Ambitions – Noita

Small Game Big Ambitions – Noita

You’re probably familiar with the mainstream games of the year. They do, after all, offer the best bang for your buck. But every once in a while a little game comes along that deserves some attention. Noita is a production from small, independent studio Nolla Games. At first glance you may be tempted to write it off as just another pixel art 2D scroller. But don’t be so quick to cast your judgement.

Noita brings to the table some truly impressive technology. The developers boast that every single pixel in the game is physics simulated, and you can bet that it’s a true statement. From water, to fire, to smoke, and magical spells, every single pixel has individual physics.

But what does that mean in terms of gameplay?

A World Of Destruction

The first think to take into account is that Noita is pretty light on the hardware demands, despite using some impressive tech. If you have a semi-modern PC capable of playing casino movilenlinea Mexico, chances are you’ll be able to run it. Probably.

The second thing to note is that Noita may just be the first game that follows through when it claims that the environment is entirely destructible. It is. Every pixel simulated means that every pixel can be moved. Water flows as would be expected, and fire spreads and destroys wood like you would want. The ground, made of rock or sand, can be blasted.

If you think this makes it sound like the game is too easy; think again. It happens to be brutally difficult.

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A Wizard Death March

Noita is a roguelike game, which for those of you not up on the lingo, means a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. You enter old mines as a nameless wizard, armed only with a spark bolt shooting wand. The mines, of course, happen to be populated with spiders, ghouls, and other such monstrosities.

What is the object of the game? Get as deep into the mines as you can. The chances of you getting very far? Pretty slim. Dying is common. Dying a lot is even more common. The game is relentless, brutal, and unforgiving. Explosions and lava kill you in an instant, and shotgun wielding monsters don’t have the word ‘mercy’ in their vocabulary.

When you’ve been killed, you’ll start over. The mines will be different, and you’ll have no advantages at all, other than the experience you personally have gained.

Rewarding Chaos

The Dark Souls franchise became popular for its difficulty, and Noita aims for the same fame. Some players will undoubtedly get frustrated, while others will revel in boasting to friends about how far they made it.

Either way, Noita is an entertaining treat for all, simply to gawk at the impressive physics spectacle. The game is in early access at the moment, and can be purchased on Steam for relatively cheap. As it advances with updates, there is no question that the game will gain a firm following. Take a look for yourself, if you’re brave.

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