Sports betting 101: Regulations, Working Model and Career Prospects

Sports betting 101: Regulations, Working Model and Career Prospects

Sports betting can be considered as a type of online gambling. You can bet on all forms of popular sports worldwide. The sports betting market is worth more than 23 billion globally. From betting on results of any event to betting on scores to even betting on a number of penalties earned, there is a multitude of betting options. The bets can be placed before or during the sports event. The latter is known as in-play betting, which proves as the fastest growing area in sports betting. The industry is regulated for the most part and it works closely with governments.

Maintaining the integrity of sports 

Regulated betting agencies help safeguard consumer interests and integrity of sports. They send out warnings to sports authorities to identify unusual betting patterns. At any cost, they ensure the integrity of an event is not compromised. Maintaining the integrity of sports is one of the shared interests of betting and sporting sectors. Both sectors stand a chance to suffer heavy losses in such an unfortunate event. For a fact, betting regulatory agencies sniff out possible cases of bookies pretty early. They usually send the first leads to spots fixing cases that you often see it in the news.

How sports betting works?

In order to be in a chance of make winnings, you must place a bet. The amount bet or risked is known as the stake. Moreover, when you place a bet you receive certain odds. The odds reflect on how likely an event is going to happen in the game. When the likelihood decreases, the odds increase. Increased odds give you a chance to win a greater amount for the same stake. In addition, odds are affected by the volume of bets received on the particular event as well. Odds are expressed as decimals or fractions. 

For instance, if you put a stake of $10 on odds of 3/1, you get $30 as winnings plus your $10 stake back. However, when you lose, you are going to lose all of that $10. Compared to the payout ratio on casino games, the odds in sports betting is less predictable. It adds up to the vibrant dynamics of the betting game. In a mathematical sense, an odd of 3/1 translates to 33 probability of an event happening in the game. In other words, the smaller the probability, the larger are the earnings for the same stake.

Sports betting as a full-time job

For some people, sports betting is a full-time job. Wagering on top betting sites like makes it a possibility. When you make sports betting your 9 to 5, you should look into extensive earning options. The pros start writing for betting blogs or turn into social media influencers in the sports niche. It’s very much a sustainable line of trade, considering it’s a skill-based game once you know the ins and outs. Nevertheless, you must be comfortable with playing a percentage of a bankroll every day. You need to slowly build it up with day to day bankroll management. 


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